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Reviews > 2010 Season Kit Review: POC Flow Helmet

SUMMARY: A fantastic helmet although the fit may be a bit on the small side for big heads.

I bought this helmet while waiting for a crash replacement on a Giro Xen. The idea was to have something for playing in the jump park or those days when we make our way to the summit with helmets on packs and then have a long, technical descent back down.

As soon as I opened the box I was pretty much sold on the helmet. Everything is so well presented and it just shouts “QUALITY“! The helmet comes with adjustable pads, spare pads, extra stickers and a nice bag to keep it all in. Imagine my disappointment when I put it on and it didn’t fit! I have a pretty huge head but had bought the largest size POC make, so was totally gutted. A bit more investigation and I found that I could remove some pads from the inside to make it a bit bigger. Now it fits, it’s tight but the upside of this is that it feels very secure on my head. I have since discovered that this is a problem for me with POC helmets in general and their (rather lovely) full face helmet just doesn’t go over my head, even in the largest size! I am a mutant.

In use I think that the helmet looks great. Readers can form their own opinions from my photos! It feels comfortable and is well ventilated for this type of helmet. It feels like it offers great protection and even with most of the extra pads removed it feels very well padded. I often use it for XC days when it’s not too hot and find it very comfortable. Mostly I use if for big mountain days where it stays on my backpack until at the summit and I find it great for this. I would recommend this helmet without hesitation and I would also recommend POC stuff in general based on the quality of this helmet, very impressive.

BasqueMTB customers can get a great discount on the already well discounted POC stuff at TheBikeChain.

+ Looks great and screams “quality”.

+ Well ventilated for this type of helmet.

+ Offers great protection.

– If you are well endowed cranially then you may find the fit tight.

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