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The surf in this part of Spain and France has been incredible for the past two days. It looks like it should be Haiwai but that’s the Pyrenees in the background! The waves are crazy all along the Basque coast but many breaks aren’t able to hold such a huge wave so the big name surfers have headed to this spot, a bit offshore, which only works in with a big, big wave. San Sebastian has closed the streets next to the beaches for safety, and yesterday I was 1000m up a mountain a few kms inland and could clearly see the waves crashing into the coast.

If you fancy a break from mountain biking during your holiday with us, then we can organise it for you and find you a spot that is a lot more mellow than this! We can surf a French break in the evenings after hitting the mountains in Spain all day, and then head to a Basque bar to have a beer and reflect on the day!

Thanks to the photographers, the bottom photo was taken by ViralSurf but I can’t make out the watermark on the other photo and the site I took it from hasn’t credited them so sorry, great photo but I don’t know who you are. All videos are by EiTB, the local news network.

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