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We have started sending out an infrequent newsletter. It will contain our most up to date news, special offers, competitions and anything else that we think might be of interest but it is going to be fairly infrequent. If you would like to recieve our newsletter then you can subscribe here, or in the box to the right, and if you would like to view our December newsletter you can hit more. 
Welcome to the first BasqueMTB newsletter! We have sent out news updates before but this is our first attempt at using a system to let us do this, so before we go any further we would like to make it absolutely clear that we don’t want pester anyone, so if you would rather not hear from us in this manner then please just click “unsubscribe” below and we will never bother you again. If you decide you would like to hear from us occasionally then that’s great and read on for our first news update! If you are interested in more details or want to comment on anything then please just drop me an e-mail and I’ll get back to you.We have just finished our second season and are getting things organised for 2011 which looks exciting. 2010 was a fantastic season for us, we were very busy and it was a lot of fun to ride, drink and eat with everyone that visited but hopefully that was obvious to everyone at the time! There are a few things going on at BasqueMTB that we thought that you might like to know, hence this newsletter.
Website News
Our website has been updated for 2011. The changes aren’t huge but we have added some new pictures, new route guides and the “News and Views” section keeps on growing with a mixture of ramblings, product reviews and mechanical advice. I am also starting to put up my reviews of the gear that I used in 2010 which has all racked up thousands of miles. Any feedback on our website is always hugely appreciated; we really want it to be a pleasant place to browse and hopefully our changes move towards that goal.
Some New Developments
We have set up a deal for our customers with The Bike Chain, an Edinburgh based shop with a great on-line store. I became aware of them through the Singletrack forum and was impressed by the customer feedback they were getting so last month I popped in to visit them. The bike shop is fantastic, lots of nice shiny stuff and the guys are very friendly. Customers will get 10% off their already competitive web prices, you just need to get in touch with me for a discount code. Also anyone wearing a BasqueMTB cycling top will get an additional discount in store, although they have requested you don’t all go at once!
This month I visited Ed Oxley of GreatRock skills training to see what he was all about. Impressed is an understatement; Ed has a great set-up and I was so impressed by the way he ran his skills days that I invited him over to the Basque Country to do a skills week. We are working on the details at the moment but we plan to put on a week together in the Basque Country for 2011 which we are hugely excited by. Watch the website or contact me for more details and in the meantime you can read about my thoughts about his course in my blog section.
Video News
 FIND, which was partially filmed in the Basque Country, is now available from www.resetfilms.co.uk. We are really happy with our sequence in the film and think that it captures the special beauty of the Basque Country really well. It’s worth saying that the rest of the film is fantastic too, with great riding all around Europe with Steve Peat, Hans Rey, Danny MacAskill, Rowan Sorrell and lots of other stars.
The second piece of video news isn’t quite so professional! We spent some time this October shooting a film sequence to give people an idea of the riding we do and you can see the product here if you want: http://www.vimeo.com/16758067. We are pretty pleased with the results and Amaia and I are going to make some more shorts next year!
That’s all the news for now folks, you can keep up to date with anything that comes up by following us on Twitter and by joining our Facebook group. If anything else exciting comes up then I’ll keep you up to date. In the meantime I hope that everyone is well, enjoying themselves and getting out on their bikes plenty!
 All the best,  Doug and Amaia.

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