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BasqueMTB – Etch-a-Sketch Revisited

BasqueMTB - this weeks holiday makers revisit Etch-a-sketch and declare it "the best mountain bike tour" they have ever done, "by a long way"!
It has been a few months since I visited Etch-a-Sketch. Last year it was one of my most used trails, however this year I have hardly used it. I honestly don’t know the reason why… it is a fantastic bit of trail but we have loads of great trails to choose from and sometimes last year’s stuff gets forgotten. Although the whole tour is only 20km it has a real big mountain epic feel, with some pushing, big views and a very long singletrack descent. The ridge section has stunning views towards the Pyrenees, into the interior of Spain and down to the Basque coast. Yesterday we had Jasper and Kirsten, on holiday from Belgium, for a week of mountain biking, and I just knew that they were going to love it. So yesterday I took them there. This is going to sound corny but on Monday night I didn’t sleep that well, I was really excited about Tuesday’s riding. I woke up and was early leaving the house for the first time in ages… I felt like a kid on Christmas morning! Suffice to say that I really enjoyed revisiting Etch-a-sketch, it was like having a long overdue pint with a friend that you haven’t seen in far too long. As we were having a drink at the end of the day Jasper turned to me and said “That was the best mountain bike tour I have ever done. By a long way”. That decided it… Etch-a-sketch next week anyone??? If you come on holiday to the Basque Country, are fit and fancy a challenge then make me take you to Etch-a-Sketch one day; just incase I forget!

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