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Sometimes speed isn’t your friend and you can look too far ahead! I was trail finding again and had drived inland in search of a trail with my friend Carlos. We had an amazing days riding on some of the best descents I’ve done in ages, rocky scalectrix singletrack with some challenging drops and turns. The trail was a figure of eight with a cafe in the middle which is great. Anyway, coming down on of the techy sections it all came together for me, the bike felt totally in control and I was off the brakes. The trail ended at a fireroad of grey rock which ran for 200m’s to the road and seeing it clear I let go the brakes, looking well ahead. Too far infact. The hefty chain across the path at headtube height was completely invisible against the grey fireroad until it caught the autumn sun about two bike lengths ahead. Time stopped! I braked hard but didn’t wipe much speed and just had time to lift my legs over the bars, throw the bike down and vault the chain. I later confirmed my speed to be 46kmph. I tumbled and rolled and eventually stopped. By the time I opened my eyes Carlos was over me, pale and obviously fearing the worst. I checked myself over once and then again in disbelief. A scuff on my shoulder and a perfect imprint of my E13 bash on my side. Nothing else. The bike too escaped unscathed! Incredible. What a ride, what a crash, what a day! Fantastic!

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