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End of Season Newsletter

BasqueMTB: Newsletter from the end of our 2011 Holiday Season.
BasqueMTB – End of Season News
Welcome to the third BasqueMTB newsletter! If this is your first BasqueMTB newsletter then you can see the previous one here. Hopefully it contains something interesting for everyone and I’d love to hear any feedback, just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you.
We have just finished a very busy season of mountain biking. We have had customers almost every week since April, making 2011 a fantastic season. Everyone seemed to be having fun and you can see a selection of photos from the season and some comments people have left over on the end of season photo round-up.
Skills Week with Great Rock
Photo of group on skills week   Our 2011 skills week with Ed Oxley from Great Rock skills coaching was a huge success. We are going to run the week again from the 14th to the 21st of July 2012, we have already sold one place so if you are interested then booking early is advised. We are also currently looking at running a skills holiday to the South Pyrenees in November 2012 so if anyone is interested in booking that then please get in touch.If you would like to read about the 2011 skills week then head over to our skills week report on our website.
Other News
Group on the Coast We have experienced a huge growth in visitors this year. That’s great of course (and if you have been one of them then thanks a lot for coming!) but it has also meant that at times we have had to turn people away. It should go without saying that we don’t like turning people away, and we have been doing everything possible to try and fit people in by riding on rest days / transfer days but even with that it hasn’t been enough. We run with small groups and only run one group each week which has added to these problems. For 2012 we have employed a guide for the busy months which will to run two groups each day which will get around this problem. Of course that doesn’t help the people who we have turned away this year, and for that we apologise and hope you will get in touch with us again in 2012.The other effect of us being busy is that, at certain times, we have been a bit slower at answering mails than normal. We can only apologise for this, we always try to answer all enquiries within 24 hours. If you think that it is taking too long then please send us another email because I would hate to miss anyone’s email. 
 Over the next few weeks we will be working out the schedule and prices for next year, and we will get all those up on the web as soon as possible. We have already taken some bookings for next year and for bookings taken before December we will hold to our current, 2011 prices. Watch out for the updates on facebook and our website.

In ‘other’ news… we have set up a new Facebook page. The old group we had wasn’t very good at doing what we needed so we have changed it over to a page. If you would like to read our news and see our photos as they happen then please go over to the BasqueMTB Facebook page and hit like.

With the big increase in riding this year has come a big increase in new and broken kit! Doug is riding 5-6 days a week at the moment and putting in the miles. The good stuff keeps on turning and working, the bad stuff falls apart and is consigned to the bin. If you would like to tell the good from the bad then you can read the kit reviews on the BasqueMTB website. Here are a couple of recent reviews: Cove GSpot Avid X9 10-Speed Gears and Matchmakers 
That’s all the news for now folks. Over the next few months we will be doing a lot of trail finding, riding and building so you can keep up to date with everything over on Twitter and our Facebook group. In the meantime we hope that everyone is well, enjoying themselves and getting out on their bikes plenty!
All the best and thanks to everyone,
Doug and Amaia.

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