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Exempt Clothing Review

Exempt Clothing Clothing Mountain Bike Review
Tested, mountain bike inspired t-shirts and hoodies from Exempt clothing.

Exempt Clothing: Mountain Bike Inspired T-Shirts Review.

Earlier this year I met the guys behind Exempt clothing on one of our mountain bike holidays. Exempt clothing are a young company, offering t-shirts and hoodies with designs inspired by mountain biking. Having biked with the Exempt guys, I have to say that they are on the “very handy” side of the mountain bike skills spectrum! It isn’t often that someone jumps on one of our hire bikes and manuals it with ease off down the road.
I received a few of Exempt’s t-shirts to review and have been wearing them for the last couple of months. First of all, I like the designs, they are really understated and subtle which suits me becauseĀ I’m not a fan of designs that scream out “I’m a mountain biker”; the scars on our arms and shins should do that by themselves. I prefer my clothing to be less shouty. The t-shirts are really nice quality Turkish cotton and feel great on. The fit is perfect, and a medium t-shirt is snug but not tight on me. I have washed the t-shirts several times and both the logos and material still feel absolutely perfect. What more can I say? Well maybe I can say a little bit about Exempt. The guys left corporate jobs in that London to set up something that better suited their ideals. The story, and the t-shirts, really remind me of what Howies were before they sold out. The guys practice what they preach and are serious mountain bikers and, I have to admit, even on the basic hire hardtails they showed us up on the trails. So, a nice company with nice ideals run by nice guys. Exempt are planning to expand into more technical mountain bike gear and they have already got some base layers up on the website. Additionally Exempt can design and produce club wear for you. Buy some gear, I know that I will be!

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