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Reviews > Marzocchi 55 Ti RC3 Suspension Forks – First Look

Marzocchi 55 Ti RC3 Suspension Forks – First Look

Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti Suspension
An initial look at my Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti Suspension Forks.

Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti Suspension Forks at Full Travel in Spain!

Just before Christmas I received a nice pair of ex-demo Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti forks from Windwave. I initially tried them on my Lapierre Zesty but I have been having problems with that bike so this week I put the Marzocchis onto my Cove G-Spot. I will be testing the Marzocchi 55 Bombers over the upcomming mountain bike holiday season, the idea is to use the couple of months before my guiding season starts to set the forks up and swap back and forth between the Marzocchi’s and my older Fox 36 Vans to get a feel for how the forks compare. It is no secret that Marzocchi have had some quality issues in the past. Those days seem to be well behind them now and I guess I am going to find out. Anyone who has been on a mountain bike holiday will know that it’s tough, both on your body and your bike. Mountain biking is hard on your bike anyway but when you are on holiday you tend to push that little bit harder. The mountain biking in this part of Spain is different to mountain biking at home as well, certainly for most people, with longer, tougher descents and generally more technical terrain. As a mountain bike guide I have one mountain bike holiday every week for around six months. I very quickly find out what is reliable and what is not! Read on for my first impressions and more information on the Marzocchi 55 RC3 Ti suspension forks.
As some of you will know I have been using a set of Fox 36 RC2 Van forks on my Cove G-Spot for the last year. They have lasted well, no complaints here. I like the performance and the tuneability. I like how stiff they are. The only thing I don’t like is the service intervals. It’s impossible to keep up with them when you ride 5 or 6 full days a week. This summer we had Ed Oxley out to do our mountain bike skills week, and he brought a set of Marzocchi 55 RC3 forks with him. I had a go and listened eagerly to the talk of 3 year, service free warranties and to be honest I was sold. At the end of the year I bought an ex-demo pair from Windwave.
Marzocchi 55 Bomber RC3 Ti: List of Features / Honours
160mm Coil Sprung Travel Titanium Spring Open bath RC3 damper QR 20mm System 2 piece bushings with vertical slot for better oil penetration WInner of Dirt’s Top 100 several times Singletrack recommended Ed Oxley recommended Claimed weight 2438g 3 year, no service warranty.
My Measurements: Marzocchi 55 Bomber RC3 Ti vs Fox 36 RC2 Van
Marzocchi Weight: 2449g Compared to the Fox 2481g Marzocchi Axel to Crown: 532mm Compared to the Fox 526mm
First Impressions of the Marzocchi 55 Bomber RC3 Ti
These are very early impressions and I will be doing a proper initial review in a few weeks and reserve the right to change all my opinions! The Marzocchi’s are funny forks, they don’t feel plush when I test them with the old car park + front brake + push on the handlebars technique. They feel quite sticky even. When riding though the plushness is incredible. The forks are instantly very supple feeling. At the moment I am feeling that on the climbs and they feel quite bobby compared to my Fox’s but I am hoping that some careful adjustments will find a balance there.  I have been using the full travel and the forks feel very plush and controlled through the travel. One thing that has surprised me is that the Marzocchi forks don’t seem to dive in tighter, technical sections. I would have expected the plushness to equate to unwanted movement in those very tight technical sections. I don’t understand this yet… bear with me and I’ll put up more considered thoughts over the next few weeks!

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