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I seem to have been blogging a lot about new trails, so sorry if anyone is bored! It’s just the time of year. Spring is springing in Spain and the mountain bike holiday season will start in under a month, which means it’s the time to get our existing trails ready, and search out all the singletrack that I saw last year but didn’t have time to explore. There is only so much biking I can do though, so it’s also a great time to build the sections of trail that I have been planning since last year. I really enjoy this time, I love riding my old favourite trails, but I get really excited about all the new singletrack.
So, here is this week’s tally of new trails! Firstly I have built a long section of new trail to lead into The Blue Pill. It starts with some very relaxing, earthy singletrack along a ridge, which has a couple of tricky options and small drops. I say this is easy but I took a total flyer here on Tuesday, when my feet slipped off the pedals, and I’m still limping slightly; nothing permanent and the skin will grow back I’m sure! The next section swoops past some creepy old caves, which I don’t suppose many people know are there, (photos will follow!) before finishing with a short, steep technical section. In total there are about 2kms of new trail, combining to give a 6.5km singletrack descent, all which I’m really happy with.
The other trail is a bit of a different beast. If the singletrack on The Blue Pill is Dr Jeckyl, then this is most certainly Mr Hyde! I can’t believe that it’s taken this long for us to link the long descent from the top of Larrun to the bottom. It was one of the first places we checked for singletrack, but we didn’t find anything nice and somehow it just got left, down the mountain biking equivalent of the back of the sofa I guess. Tragic. Recently we had heard that some local bikers had done the descent, on the very same route that we had planned, and that really smarted because we have got used to getting first descents of the local mountains. However, suitably spurred on and chastened for our lack of focus we sorted it out this Friday.
The climb wasn’t too bad, we started from about 450m and climbed slowly to 900m, it was pretty steep in places but it didn’t take very long. The start of the descent took a bit of finding but once found it was very defined and there was no way we were going to stray off the path. The first 300m were on very technical rocky switchbacks; I really struggled but Carlos took them all in his stride.
We passed a few people, reminding me how much I love French people on mountains, they love seeing people on bikes and every group we passed cheered and clapped.  The next section was on really buff singletrack that linked lots of very tricky rocky chutes which meant scrubbing off the speed and getting your bum on the back tyre. Great fun. All in all the descent took us about an hour, we couldn’t believe it was so long because is was only 6kms long but that gives you an idea of the level of difficulty involved because we didn’t hang about and only took a few photos.

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