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Price€100 per person, minimum of €300 for a private group with uplift or €225 without.
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No food is included.


Mountain Bike Day Trips in San Sebastian

As well as offering our week long mountain bike holidays we can organise day trips on the Basque Coast, near San Sebastian. We put all the same level of attention to detail and quality into our day trips as we do with our highly regarded week long trips. We can offer top quality, award winning Orbea Rallon hire bikes as well. We can either fit you in with an existing group, assuming the technical and physical levels match, or we can offer you privately guided mountain bike trips. Get in contact to find out more.

You should really have a look at what other people have said about our trips in the past and our TripAdvisor comments to help you make your mind up.

What’s Included

 Local Guides  
 Small Groups of 6 or less  
~70% Uplift and Van Support
Awesome, Professional, Some of the best biking anywhere in the world. Great overall package on and off the bike. Spectacular scenery and incredible trails. We’ll be back (again) for sure. Gavin



We offer mountain bike day trips all year round.Just get in touch and we will let you know about availability.


All our day trips are tailored to the guests and during the booking process we will discuss your requirements and make sure you are put in with a suitable group or offered private guiding.

We can tailor our day trips for all ability and fitness levels, as long as you are up for a challenge we can give you a great day mountain biking on the coast.

Effortless excellence! Relaxed and highly competant guides, superb, varied trails and stress-free accomodation and transport made this a very special trip. Marcus
What can I say, we’ll be back! Loved every minute of it. Easily the best mountain bike holiday (or any holiday for that matter) that I’ve ever been on. In fifteen years on mountain bike holidays, this is the best by a country mile.. Steve




We generally meet at Hondarribia airport if you have your own transport, or we can pick you up where you are staying.



The prices for the mountain bike holiday we offer are shown below. If you would like to talk about an option that isn’t shown here then please get in touch.

€100per rider. Private guiding is a minimum of €300 with uplift / €225 without.
Lunches not included.
If you would like us to help with accommodation we would be delighted.
We can hire bikes for your day trip as well and our bikes are all top of the range Orbea bikes which are professionally maintained regardless of cost. You can see more details about our hire bikes here.


Here are some of the questions we are regularly asked about our mountain bike holidays. If you have any questions we are delighted to answer them, just get in touch.  
How many km´s / how much climbing / how much descending?

We don’t have set itineraries for any of our mountain bike day trips. We typically meet around 9:15 and finish around 17:30 and people are tired but not dead by the end of the trip. We manage the day so that is the case and we talk to you when you book, before we leave and regularly through the day to ensure that we give you a full day of riding without doing too much.

I´m by myself / in a small group, what can you offer?

We work very hard to get the groups balanced right. We will talk about your biking prior to you booking, or fill out a booking form, and if we can fit you in with an existing group we will offer that as an option. Alternatively we can offer private guiding as well.

How far in advance do I need to book?

There is no answer to this. If we have space today I can´t guarantee we will have it tomorrow. Our trips usually sell out so at sometime between now and the date of the trip we won’t have availability any more.

What is the weather like in that part of Spain?

The weather on the Basque coast is generally amazing, however the price for having mountains right on the coast is that we get some rain. Generally if the rain comes from the north it all falls on the coast and we can drive a short distance south into Spain and enjoy sunny and dry conditions. If the rain comes from the south then usually the Basque coast remains dry while the rest of Spain gets wet. It is very uncommon for the weather to be bad in all the areas we can choose to ride in, however if that does happen then we take some comfort in the fact that it generally means most of Spain, France and northern Italy are affected! Temperatures remain moderate through the whole season, averaging around 25°C in the hottest months of July and August. Occasionally we will get higher temperatures of around 30°C-35°C for a day or two in August but it never lasts and we can ride high up or next to the coast to escape the heat. In August the Basque Country is full of holiday makers from France and Spain due to it’s great climate. Over winter the Basque Coast enjoys long spells of great weather broken up with spells of wet weather. If you are thinking about coming over winter then please get in touch. If you are already in the area it is definitely worth penciling in a day of biking but we don´t recommend travelling here during winter just for mountain biking. Our Winter Enduro mountain bike holiday would be better, or another part of the world. .

What bike / tyres / brake pads do you recommend for this part of Spain?

To try and make this subject a bit interactive we have a facebook page dedicated to this. Please have a look here, (and we always appreciate people liking our page!).


Photos from our Mountain Bike Day Trips near San Sebastian

Have a look through the photos from our mountain bike holidays to get an idea of the fantastic mountain biking we can offer on our day trips.

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