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mountain bike holiday > Rosie´s Group´s Mountain Bike Holiday with BasqueMTB

Rosie´s Group´s Mountain Bike Holiday with BasqueMTB

Mountain Bike Holiday Report
Rosie´s Group´s Mountain Bike Holiday Report from the Basque Coast.

Mountain Bike Holiday Report: Rosie´s Group´s Mountain Bike Trip in May

This week´s week we put on a week long mountain bike holiday for Rosie and her group of seven people. We were also joined part time by Steve and Nicola who are living in their campervan and touring Europe at the moment. We were affected by the bad weather that seems to be hitting much of Europe but we managed to find the best trails to ride and stay dry most, if not all, of the time!

“Easily the best mountain bike holiday (or any holiday for that matter) that I’ve ever been on” – Steve

The group had a great week, as did me and Antonio, and left us some fantastic feedback via our usual feedback forms and on some of the UK forums.

“Just this second arrived home after spending a week with Doug at BasqueMTB. Want to say what a legend the guy is but feel “legend” doesn’t do him justice. Best holiday I’ve ever been on” – Onzadog on Singletrackworld

You can read the full thread here: BasqueMTB Mountain Bike Holiday Review.

Sarah, another rider from the week also wrote us a review on BikeRadar saying:

Anyway, I’ve done four mtbing hols over the years and this is by far the best

You can read the whole review over on Bike Radar. Thanks a lot Miss Notax!

We also got a great review up on Trip Advisor from Rosie, the group organiser who said, among other things:

Hands down best MTB holiday I’ve ever had!”

And again you can read the whole review, along with some others I hadn’t seen before, on Trip Advisor

So, my trumpet has been blown well and truly. Why don’t you have a look at the photos and see what we got up to.

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