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Mountain Bike Holidays: ‘Back Country’ Epic

Epic mountain biking holidays! A video of one of the trails we will use on the Great Rock Skills Holiday this year.


An Epic Mountain Biking Route. The Snow will be gone in time for our Mountain Bike Holidays!

As well as our regular mountain bike holidays, this year we are running a mountain bike holiday with additional skills training from Ed Oxley of Great Rock skills training. You can see all the details of our skills weeks here: Mountain Bike Holiday with Skills Training. Ed and I have been discussing this year’s mountain bike skills holidays and the trails we will use. Ed has now been mountain biking with us in Spain twice so he has a good idea of the type of trails we have. For the last ride of the holiday we wanted to build up to a big finale and we have chosen a variation on one of the remote “back country” trails I used for guiding on last year. Usually we do it without uplift and it is a very big day; epic mountain biking. For the skills holiday we plan to run the trail using a big uplift to around 750m. It will give us more time, and energy, to enjoy the descents but there will still be two  tough climbs with one requiring around 15 minutes of carrying. Don’t worry if  you are thinking you won’t manage it because both Ed and I are available to help you carry your bike. The pace will be leisurely and we will be making plenty of time to enjoy the scenery. The last descent is around 10km of singletrack and, as is fitting for the end to our holiday, it ends right in a bar! The video above was shot in February, just after the ‘big European freeze’. It shows the scenery but when you come on holiday I can guarantee there won’t be any snow there! There shouldn’t be any mud either and the ground is normally very dry and drains very well. This trail has lots of different types of singletrack with long contour sections. It is fast and flowy but contains plenty of technical challenges. Click more to see lots of photos of this route from previous mountain biking holidays. On the 9th of March I repeated this route with a group of riders from Pamlona and further south. The guys had seen the video and wanted to ride there so my friend Javito and I showed them round. Javito was with me when we discovered the canal that made the climb bearable for doing the entire loop. Here are some pictures from there, just to prove that all the snow has gone in time for our mountain bike holidays!
 Starting the descent, from here it’s 10km of singletrack to the van!
 But there is no point denying that you have to work (a bit) to get there!
And here are some photos from previous mountain bike holidays. [AFG_gallery id=’4′]

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