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A Dash of Pyrenees Road Biking!

Mountain Bike Holiday Spain
The latest mountain bike holiday report: Mountain and Road biking holidays with luxury penthouse appartment accommodation!

Mountain bike holiday in Spain: Josh, Paul and Tony revisit.

Our mountain bike holiday guests this week were five guys from the UK. Tony, Paul and Josh had already visited this part of Spain for a mountain bike holiday in 2010 and this time they brought three friends with them, Mick, Vic and Alan. Those of you who have been on a Basque MTB mountain bike holiday will probably already know of Josh. He is the reason that “The Joshua Tree” is so named, after an O.T.B. incident that left him around 50 feet down a thorny cliff. Well Josh has grown this year, a lot, and so have his skills… I don’t think I saw him fall off his mountain bike once on this holiday! He’s faster too. This week’s mountain bike holiday was a little bit different for a few reasons. Firstly, half of the guys were road biking and secondly, we used a different accommodation. Read on to find out more about the €1,500,000.00 penthouse I rented for the guys holiday! There is also the usual mountain bike holiday video, this time filmed near Pamplona and a few pictures too.
Paul mountain biking on the coast near San Sebastian.
First of all I guess you are interested in the apartment. Well, in the harbour area of Hondarribia they have just finished constructing an apartment block of luxury flats. Unfortunately for them the financial crisis in Spain has meant that very few people want to pay over a million euros for a flat, no matter how spectacular. They are going to rent the flats until the Spanish economy picks back up and we have managed to get a good price on them. It lets us offer these apartments for groups of 6+ for around the same price as our “Urban” mountain bike holidays. The flats we use are super luxury penthouse flats, with huge terraces looking out across Spain and the Bidasoa bay into France. Give us a shout if it sounds like the sort of thing you are looking for!
Basque MTB does road bike holidays? Honestly??
I also can imagine the intake of breath as I wrote road bike holidays. Yes, you have read that correctly, Basque MTB can offer road bike holidays in the north of Spain. We can organise road biking trips in the Basque Country, or on some of the perfect roads near Pamplona where you can bike through passes in the Pyrenees crossing from Spain to France and back again. I am continuing to guide for our mountain bike holidays but we are using Borja, a local road rider and friend of mine, to provide this service. I will get all the details up on the website soon but in the meantime if you are interested in a road biking holiday, or even a mountain bike holiday with a couple of trips to ride some of the famous cols in the Pyrenees, then please get in touch. Borja knows the roads in Spain like I know the mountains and those of you who know me will know that I wouldn’t offer his services unless I was very happy indeed with what he can offer.
Mountain biking into San Sebastian on Day 2 of the holiday.
Enough of the sell! The road biking guys this week opted for a mixture of marked out routes, GPS tracks, guided days and following their own noses. Borja took them on what sounded like a very special road trip, starting near Pamplona and riding through Spain and into France through some little known Pyrenees cols. The guys on mountain bikes started in the same place and I guided them round the trails we call “The Desert”. We all met at the end of the day and had a beer in the bar where we started. I have to say that the road bikers were a little bit disappointed that I gave the mountain bikers two big uplifts in the van that day! I thought that all roadies loved to climb!
Feeding the horses on the switchback climb!
The weather for the guys mountain bike holiday was pretty much the best that Spain can offer. Blue skies but not too warm with temperatures sitting around 20°C. We had one day with some cloud cover, which was very welcome it has to be said. On the last day we had a bit of rain but managed to ride without getting too wet. Josh and Paul chose to mountain bike most days and the other guys mixed it up a bit with some road biking and some mountain biking. There were no more accidents, big or small, and generally everything went pretty smoothly! I dropped everyone back at the train station early on Sunday morning and was sorry to see them go. Hopefully we’ll see some, or all, of them again! All the best guys and thanks for choosing Basque MTB again for your holiday!
Lone mountain biker on day 1 of the holiday.

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