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Tres Chicas Visit Spain with Basque MTB

Lesley, David and John's mountain bike holiday in Spain, lots of photos included.

This week’s mountain bike holiday in Spain: Three chicas visit the Basque country.

Last week’s mountain bike holiday¬†visitors were Julie, Caroline and Kate who were visiting Spain from the north of England. I had mailed them to let them know that we’d have a couple of weeks of uncharacteristically bad weather but they promised to bring sun to the Basque country. And so it was. The bad weather which has been affecting most of the north of Spain and Europe disappeared, leaving us with our more usual spring weather. Read on for words, some video of us mountain biking on the coast and a few pictures from their holiday!
Kate flying on the coastal mountain bike trails.
During the girl’s mountain bike holiday we rode a plenty of different trails. We spent a couple of days on the coast, riding different trails there, ventured up into the mountains to ride Nutcracker, Cheeky Larun and Carlos’s Ridge, biked deep in the forest on Stinky Goat and Celtic Flo and did a day of uplifted mountain biking on The Blue Pill and Along the Watchtowers. Carlos was guiding with us for a couple of days as well which is always fun!
Carlos doing what Carlos does best and serving the Sidra!
We were treated with perfect weather for mountain biking, not too warm but nice and sunny. We had a couple of interesting days… like the one when we drove halfway to the desert only to remember that someone, (who will remain nameless!), had forgotten her shoes! Or the other day when Julie’s front Hope brake failed completely at the top of a technical descent, leaving her with the option of borrowing my bike or pushing all the way down. She chose to ride my bike and I have to admit I really, really struggled to ride her small Orange 5 down Cheeky Larun¬†with only a back brake! We managed to strip a brake off my spare bike at lunchtime and get her back on her own bike for the afternoon. We had a couple of days with a lot of uplift, choosing to concentrate on the downhills, and generally mixed things up a bit from our usual mountain bike holidays.
Julie and Caroline Mountain Biking on Spanish Singletrack.
Spot the mountain biker!
Day 3 of the Holiday, biking on the coast.


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