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Mountain Bike Holidays with Tom and Jenny

Tom and Jenny's mountain bike holiday with BasqueMTB. Have a look for some biking videos and photos.

Mountain Bike Holidays: Tom and Jenny join us in Spain for a week in April

This week we had Tom and Jenny, from the Lake District, joining us for a week’s mountain biking holiday. I always know when I get people from the lake district that they are going to be used to big days out on technical trails and Tom and Jenny were no exception. Read on for more photos from their mountain bike holiday with BasqueMTB. [AFG_gallery id=’5′] The weather in this part of Spain has been fantastic, really hot and sunny and so it was for the first day with Tom and Jenny. We had a great ride taking in “All Along the Watchtowers” and riding down into San Sebastian for a beer on the beach. The second day we did Stinky Goat and the trails in that area, however towards the end of the day we got some drizzle. We were mildly dampened, however our spirits remained dry! Checking the weather forecast showed that rain was the order of the week throughout Spain, and over most of Europe. The best weather was in the north coast so we stayed there for our third day. A few clouds meant that the day started cool but within 20 minutes the sun had burned through and we were hurriedly applying suntan creme! We used the alternative “All Along the Watchtowers” descent for the first time ever with guests and it went down well! There is one section on this trail where we drop about 100m in a very short distance using a series of tough switchbacks but Jenny and Tom nailed this perfectly. After our day off from mountain biking on the Thursday we regrouped on the Friday to take in some more trails. We were joined by Cliff, who was on holiday in France. Cliff has mountain biked with BasqueMTB before and it was great to see him, (and his white GSpot), again. We rode some trails on the French-Spanish border today. Sadly after lunch Jenny was feeling a bit unwell and spent the afternoon in the bar while Tom, Cliff and I ripped down the long, long descent to where the van was waiting.  For the last day we decided to stay on the coast again. Jenny wasn’t sure if she was totally recovered so the coast gave us the most options. We rode a few trails and finished in a little bar for lunch. After lunch I shuttled Jenny and Tom for some climb-free descending to finish their holiday off. Jennny managed two runs, (around 1100m of descent), but Tom held in there for another run, giving him around 1600m of singletrack descending to finish of his mountain bike holiday in Spain. He said that on the last run he was so tired he was just holding on! In my book that’s how every mountain bike holiday should end!
The GoPro video and some photos from Tom and Jenny’s mountain bike holiday in Spain.
This week I had a few user errors with my GoPro… namely forgetting to charge it, forgetting the memory card, charging it wrong and then forgetting to use it! I got some video but I hope that I will get more video for future holiday guests! Just to say thanks a lot to Tom and Jenny. It was a fantastic week. Despite the bad weather all over Europe we only got slightly wet on one day and had 3 days with blue skies above us. The trails weren’t dusty but they were fast and grippy, a fair trade off in my opinion!


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