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Trail Guide: “The Rest Day”

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Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holidays with BasqueMTB: A Big, Uplifted Day of Descending

3 Hours – Full Day
From 250m

In Three Words: Big. Mountain. Riding. In More Words: Big, 4×4 uplift and the rest of the day descending on singletrack. No more words needed!

This day is one of the stalwarts of our Pyrenees mountain bike tours and definitely one that the Basque MTB guides always look forward to. We jokingly call it “The Rest Day” because we usually do it in the middle of the week when people are tired and it isn´t a huge route so gives people a chance to recover for the trails the following days. It´s definitely not quite the same as sitting by the pool with a beer though! The day starts with a big, 1400m uplift high into the Pyrenees mountains and as we load the bikes onto the trailer we always point out the col, far away into the distance, that we will get dropped off at before riding all the way back. The uplift track is well beyond the Basque MTB van and we have to hire a special 4×4 uplift to take us to the top. From the col, high in the mountains, you can only just see the little village that we need to return to, far away and far, far below. The trail follows old singletrack paths which contour their way down the hillside, with some small climbs, starting in the high alpine forests and passing through scree slopes and tiny villages on its way back to the valley floor. The trail gets better and better all the way down to the valley floor and the last section through the grey earth canyons is amazing!

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