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Trans-nomad is the best blind backcountry race in the Pyrenees and has gained an international reputation as a tough stage race with a great atmosphere and bags of adventure. Now, together with the event organisers, we are bringing you the Trans-Nomad experience without the pressure of the timed stages. Enjoy all the adventure, more uplift, more descending and a bit more comfort but still the fun group atmosphere.

5 days




0 Stress

All The Atmosphere

We are brining the full basqueMTB guiding team to let us run a bigger group, still moving quickly and safely, but bringing the group atmosphere of the Trans-Nomad. The Trans-Nomad team will be providing support, full lunch stations, snack stops and refreshments post-ride. There might even be some chainsaws and cowbells!

The Highest Trails in The Pyrenees

This is high mountain riding on the best trails in the Pyrenees, reaching almost 3000m, and enjoying descents that go on for ever. On two days we will enjoy single descents of almost 2000m, from the high alpine down to the hotel where you will sleep.

By the end of the trip we will have descended 17,500m, that is if you can manage every descent!

16 “Stages”

Over 70%

Descend from

The Experience

“Just a perfect week riding bikes in technical trails, guided by guides knowing and loving what they do! Coming back for sure”

Monika (Switzerland) former TransNomad Winner after her Pyrenees trip with basqueMTB


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High Mountain Adventure
Trans-Nomad Experience
  • July 16th – July 30th
    6 nights Accommodation
    5 days Guiding
    18,000m descending
    6,000m Climbing
    Fully Catered



Trans-Nomad Experience: What’s Included

  • 6 Nights High Quality Accommodation
  • Fully Catered
  • 5 Days Guiding
  • Up to 24 Riders, With 5 Guides
  • Full Van Support and Unlimited Shuttles
  • Up to 18,000m of descending
  • Around 5,000m of climbing

Trans-Nomad Experience: What’s Included

  • Transfers. Get in touch and we can help with this.
  • Extra snacks on the trail, if you want them. (There is plenty of food!)

 “One of the best experiences of my life”

Karl (UK)


Trans-Nomad Experience: The Biking  

We rate our holidays for fitness and skill levels and, to find out more about how we do this and an overview of the grades we use, check out our mountain bike holiday skills and fitness guide.

Skill Level

The terrain high in the Pyrenees is challenging and relentless. You should have good bike handling skills and be used to riding technical singletrack. We would recommend that you are advanced to expert.


This trip has sustained climbs where you need to hiking with your bike. The last day it is very challenging, although we have plenty of time to complete the route. You will need a good to excellent level of fitness. Realistically this can be achieved with a few months of training prior to your trip and we can help advise on that.


Trans-Nomad Experience: Logistics


People need to arrive to Barcelona Airport, before around 13:00 on the first Saturday. From there we will organise transfers.


Departure is from Barcelona Airport after around 13:00 on the final Friday. Often people choose to spend a night or two in Barcelona after the trip and we can help organise that if you want.


We will stay in nice, locally owned hotels so that we get time to recover and sleep in a good bed! You do not need to carry any equipment with you while we ride, all your bags will be moved each day.

All meals will be provided, as well as wine with the meals. Expect to eat well, this is Spain after all! You will need some money for snacks and beers or other soft drinks.


This trip will run in two weeks:

  • 16-22nd July
  • 24th-30th July


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Here are some of the questions we are regularly asked about our mountain bike holidays. If you have any questions we are delighted to answer them, just get in touch.


Do you have an itinerary for your Trans-Nomad Experience mountain bike holiday?

We do and we would be happy to discuss it with you. We don’t put detailed trip plans up on the web.

I don’t want to do a week’s mountain bike holiday, can I do a shorter break?

Not on this trip I’m afraid, it is very much all or nothing.

What are the group sizes on a typical mountain bike holiday?

Typical holidays we run with 2 or 3 guides and a team of drivers with 12-14 people. This trip we will be running with 24 people plus 5 guides and the team of drivers. The reason for that is to try and give the fantastic group atmosphere of the Trans-Nomad.

How will you manage 24 riders?

This is going to be a group ride and in the high mountains we will enjoy riding with other riders. It definitely isn’t a race! The guides will be there to give instructions, offer support and security. With 5 guides it will be very easy to handle the group and split up as needed. As is the case in the race we will regroup at the top and bottom of all the descents. There are also a team of dedicated drivers and the Trans-Nomad support team to help in the event they are needed.

How do you manage different technical levels on your mountain bike holidays?

On this trip we will expect some differences in technical levels and we will be moving as a group, with plenty of guides to keep things moving.

What is the weather like in that part of Spain?

During the days temperatures should be warm, although high on the mountains we need to be prepared for cold weather. In the evenings temperatures will drop and during the nights the temperatures can be low. We recommend a down jacket for the camps and a 3 season sleeping bag.

What bike / tyres / brake pads do you recommend for this part of Spain?

To try and make this subject a bit interactive we encourage everyone to head over to Facebook and ask there. Facebook has to be useful for something, right?

The Trans-Nomad has built up quite a reputation over the last years, with some big name riders and competitors from all around the world. The concept of blind stage racing isn’t new, but Trans-Nomad’s vision of riding the highest trails in the Pyrenees certainly adds excitement. We have ridden the Trans-Nomad and worked in the bike patrol, and of course we know these trails very well from our High Pyrenees and Ultimate Pyrenees trips. This year we will be working with the Trans-Nomad organisers to offer two special weeks, bringing the group atmosphere and camaraderie of the Trans-Nomad to a non-competitive event with a little more uplift and nice hotels. On the way we will ride some of the best trails in the Pyrenees and enjoy an amazing adventure.


Obviously for this trip the riding is off the scale. Almost every day we will reach a high mountain pass, using uplifts, riding and hiking, and enjoy the endless descents on the other side.

The Group

Part of what makes the Trans-Nomad special is the group atmosphere, that camaraderie that you get when a group of riders pushes themselves to their limits. This trip we pool all of our resources to safely run a bigger group to bring that atmosphere and excitement.

Fully Supported

Everything is included on this trip. There will be feed stations for lunch and refreshments at the end of the day. It is all part of the atmosphere.


This is a true point to point, working our way across the Pyrenees mountains. It makes a big adventure and adds a lot to this trip. It is the challenge that is the main reason to do this trip. If this doesn´t appeal then honestly do two of our other Pyrenees trips instead! These long mornings to reach high mountain passes form a massive part of the experience. 


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