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A lot of people have been asking me what I’m up to now that the season is over here. Well, the answer is that I’m preparing to make next season even better! I’ve been studying maps, GPS tracks, google earth and speaking to local people in an effort to get new trails. I’ve learned not to ask local bikers because that results in too much fireroad, instead I ask the old men you see working on the hills and who know every sheep track and rock in the area! After that I go out and ride the area, often spending days exploring every track I see. Sometimes two trails don’t quite meet to form a loop and it takes a couple of days to create the link! Other times there’s a lot of thorns or undergrowth to be cleared so it’s time for Mr Machette! It sounds like a lot of work but the feeling when you get a full days trails linked up and ride them in full for the first time is amazing! I believe that this is the best way to get trails. It means I know every turn and option so can alter the route, as we ride, to suit it to different riders. Sometimes I am shown trails by the few local riders who ride the technical singletrack. I give them back a lot more routes than they give me but I am always really grateful when this happens. This happened on Sunday; we drove deep into the divide between the Basque Mountains and the Pyrenees and I was shown a fantastic trail. We could clearly see the sea in the north and all the Pyrenees filled the horizon. We rode on beautiful contour singletrack for miles before joining some fantastic bench cut singletrack running along the top of an old canal that has been covered. In general the riding was pretty easy but there were a couple of place on the canal that were quite exposed; sticking with the general vibe of the day, Carlos and I both decided to walk these short sections! So, thanks to the Naburros for that trail; I’ve got some crackers to show you in exchange! Here are some more photos from the day.

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