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Road Cycling Holidays in the Pyrenees

Pyrenees Road Cycling Holiday
Road cycling holidays in the Pyrenees and on the Basque Coast.

Basque MTB Road Cycling Holidays in the Pyrenees Launch Today

Today we put live our road cycling holidays. I´m sure that many people will be a bit surprised that we are offering road cycling holidays, given that we are a serious mountain bike company, so I wanted to take a few minutes and explain how we got here. I cycle a lot with a big group of Spanish people who live all through the Pyrenees mountains and it was through this group that I met Borja Valdés, around three years ago. Borja is a road cyclist, although his mountain biking skills are good too, and as we talked he told me that he was running similar holidays to BasqueMTB but on the road and had been running these for several years. Borja gave me some advice for setting BasqueMTB on the right track and our friendship continued. It has always seemed a shame to live in a place that is famous for road biking but not to take advantage of that so last year I offered some days road cycling with Borja to some repeat guests. The feedback was fantastic. Over winter we have been working hard to put together some road holidays. I wanted the trips to offer the same ethos as BasqueMTB´s mountain biking trips, i.e. good accommodation, small groups, friendly atmosphere etc. and based on that we have put together three trips. A “Coast to Coast” across the Pyrenees, a two center trip in the French Pyrenees and, of course, a trip based on the Basque Coast. So what can you expect to see? Well our mountain bike holidays are unchanged, you might see Borja driving the van some days but that is all! Our road cycling holidays are all going to be guided by Borja and assisted by dedicated road cyclists. I will definitely join some of the trips but I won´t be leading these trips.  I know that we can offer the highest quality road cycling holidays and have huge faith in Borja´s proffesionalism, if I didn´t believe that then I wouldn´t risk the BasqueMTB reputation. At the moment we will use the same social media pages (links above) for everything, working on the assumption that everyone wants to see pictures of beautiful mountains. In the future we might split them. All bookings will be handled through the usual channels i.e. by Doug (me!) and you can expect to be met by Borja and myself at the start of the holidays. If anyone has any questions or wants to find out more about these trips then please get in touch or add any questions to the comments below.

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