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We had our first group of 2011 this weekend, 9 guys from Cambridge who were here on a stag party and fancied a guided day on the Spanish coast! We planned a reasonably late start to let the hangovers fade a bit so we picked the guys up at midday and took them to a restaurant in the hills for some lunch. 

After a decent lunch, all the guys were looking a bit more up for mountain biking and we fitted them to the hire bikes and had a quick ride around the car park to let them get used to the bikes. We had chosen a trail along the coast as our ride and were using the van to get the first 300m for free. The ride was also a point to point, so we would ride around 20km along the coast finishing at a bar where the guys could “debrief”.
The first descent is a wide bit of singletrack, quite flat and pedally but with some bedrock sections which keep it interesting. Sadly it was only a couple of minutes into this descent when Angus tried to jump one of the rocky sections and landed at the side of the trail, clipping a fallen tree with his bar and crashing heavily. It was pretty obvious his day was over, almost as soon as it had started, but the collective opinion was that it was ligaments and nothing broken. Amaia came and took him to the hospital where it was quickly diagnosed as a broken collarbone. Not good. His first question apparently was would he be able to drink that night! (The answer was yes, no problem!).
You get a measure of how well people know each other and it was quite telling that the first question that was asked when everyone realised Angus couldn’t continue was “can I take your shoes?”.
We were all gutted for Angus but we continued the ride and continued with the descent, with all the guys attempting a short steep section before riding through a bamboo forest and arriving at the coast. We followed the coast for an hour or so before the only big climb of the day. The guys were dreading this a bit I think but it was dispatched with no problems and we arrived at the ridgeline singletrack descent.
It was great to see how much more confident everyone was after a few hours on the bikes, and everyone nailed the reasonably technical descent, including a couple of short rocky sections that are definitely as hard as anything you’d find at a normal trail center. The final descent took around an hour and we reached the bar as the light was starting to fade from the sky. Beers were raised to Angus, and Amaia arrived with his X-rays which pretty much everyone photographed with their i-phones and sent round all their mates.
All of us here hope that you heal quickly and fast Angus and aren’t put off biking by your mishap. It was a real pity and such a shame it happened so quickly into the ride.

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