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Trail > Spring; Holidays Start and New Trails Tested

During the last few weeks our holiday season has started and we are pretty much fully busy and biking constantly. Which is great! We have had quite a lot of people through the doors, I will write another post to cover that, and we are also starting to test out some of the new trails I have worked out over this off season. This week I have had a very capable couple from Calderdale visiting and we have done some routes that I have never taken any other guests on. Of course I have tested these trails on friends and acquaintances, but never on official guests. Here are some of the new Spanish trails I have tested out.

Dutch Courage:A variation on a descent we already have, basically a different way of doing the top 400m of a 700m descent. This is a very tough trail, buff singletrack but linked by complicated rocky sections and short chutes. Most sections require careful line choice and a good dose of commitment to clear.
Etch-a-Sketch Alternative:A fantastic 600m descent on an old donkey track. This is another tough trail, winding through the greenest of jungles with exposed rocky sections, switchbacks and fast flowing singletrack all jumbled together.
The Thorn:This is a full route and the feedback from my Calderdale couple is that it was their favourite day of the holiday. It is a tough route, with two 15 minute carries and lots of vertical, but the payback is a real big mountain feel and stunning singletrack. We climb out of a little village, achieve a big ridge and perform almost a full 360 degree circumnavigation of the village at between 900 and 1100m so it is a very visually impressive route and great to sit in the bar afterwards and look where we have been.

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