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Stag (Bachelor) Party Activities in San Sebastian

Stag Party San Sebastian Mountain Bike
Stag weekend, or bachelor party reports from San Sebastian, Spain.

Stag Party or Bachelor Weekend in San Sebastian, Spain: Mountain Biking and Surfing.

Last year we ran our first stag party, (that’s a Bachelor Party to some of you!) in San Sebastian, in the Basque Country. We helped people find accommodation in San Sebastian and organised some activities for them, including surfing and  mountain biking. This year we have organised six stag parties and big groups already. The feedback from our groups has been fantastic and we have made some arrangements with some accommodation, surfing schools, mountain bike hire companies and restaurants in San Sebastian to help us offer people help organising their stag parties. Read on for more details and some pictures from our recent stag party .
Traditional Lunch Stop.Stag Party Mountain Biking Near San Sebastian.
Stag Party Accommoodation in San Sebastian
Our normal mountain bike holidays are based in Hondarribia, a lovely little town on the Basque Coast in the North of Spain but for stag parties we feel it is better to be based in San Sebastian; there are more bars and restaurants and you can get away with being a bit more rowdy. Stag parties tend to be big groups and we have been recommending a hostel in the center of San Sebastian for accommodation. It is about 5 minutes walk from the old town, a perfect location because it means you miss all the noise of San Sebastian’s old town but can still easily walk into the town. The hostel is basic but clean and has the advantage that there are a lot of young people staying there and there is a great atmosphere. The staff speak english and are really helpful. If you are booking the hostel for your stag party then make sure you mention Basque MTB and you will be well looked after by the staff. Some stag parties, and big groups as well, have requested some more upmarket accommodation and we can help with that as well. Get in touch with Basque MTB to discuss the requirements for your stag party and we can talk you through some of the options.
Stag Party Mountain Biking Near San Sebastian.Big Group Mountain Biking Above San Sebastian.
Stag Party Activities: Mountain Biking Near San Sebastian
One other important element of a stag weekend is an activity. It’s great to blow away the cobwebs from the night out. We find that stag parties enjoy surfing and mountain biking most although we have organised canoeing as well. For a mountain biking trip on your stag party we have a great route along the coast. It is challenging but everyone will be able to finish it without too much difficulty. We all climb in vans so that we get about twice as much downhill as uphill. Generally we ride for around 3 hours, along the stunning Basque coast, and finish at a great little hut, well off the known tourist trail, where we get some traditional food and can relax with some drinks while we get the vans back and pack the bikes.
Gentle Mountain Biking on the Basque Coast.Stunning Mountain Biking Trails!
Our first stag party this year was Jon’s group of 7 people. They were staying in the Urban Hostel and turned up for the morning’s mountain biking totally fresh. It turns out they’d taken it easy the night before so that they would be fresh for their day of mountain biking. The poor stag ended up in a pink halter top which left him with sunburnt shoulders but other than that the day went without a hitch. (Pun intended!) We rode for around 3 hours and then had a big meal with plenty of wine before I took the guys back into San Sebastian to continue their stag party in a local Sidreria.
Carlos giving the “Stag Safety” talk!Spot the mountain bikers!
Stag Party Activities: Mountain Biking Near San Sebastian
Surfing is also a great activity for a stag party. Surf lessons generally last around a couple of hours, compared to mountain biking which takes a day, and we can organise surfing lessons right on the beach in San Sebastian. By booking your surf lessons through Basque MTB we make sure you get an English speaking instructor and we take all the hassle out of the booking. The cost is the same whether you book your surfing lessons through us or book directly.
Stag group photo.Same place, different Stag Party!
The next stag party was Jame’s group of 11. I called in a friend from San Sebastian to assist us with his van and we both met the group on a beautiful sunny day in San Sebastian. The guys were all pretty fresh too and up for a day of biking. After our normal safety talk and quick lesson on how to get the most from the bikes we set off on a beautiful day along the coast. We rode for around 3 hours and ended up in a little local restaurant where the guys had dinner while I went to get the van back.
Other Services for Stag Parties: Restaurants, Sidrerias, Going Out!
So, what else is needed for a stag party? Well we recommend and book restaurants for your stag party. There are a few good options for places which are “stag friendly”! We can also organise a visit to a traditional Basque Sidreria. We can advise you on what local festivals are running during your stag weekend. For recommendations for bars there really isn’t any need! There are hundreds of bars in the old town of San Sebastian and the normal thing to do is wander around them, taking a drink and then moving on. It is a fantastic way to spend a night with a group of friends.
Big stag party biking on the coast.Same stag party, group photo!
Our next stag party was on the last weekend in May. Again they were staying in the Hostel in San Sebastian and were 11 guys. I was using my part time guide, Carlos, for this trip and we met them on the beach front in San Sebastian to start the day. The weather was perfect and we enjoyed a perfect cycle along the coastal paths. One one of the steep climbs a late gear change mangled one of the rear mechs and we had to set up a rudimentary singlespeed but apart from that there were no other incidents. It works really well running these trips with Carlos; he understands perfectly what we are aiming for with the stag parties… first is safety, second is fun and third is lunch! This month we are organising surfing for a couple of stag parties. We will organise everything for them so that they get an english speaking instructor, meet them on the beach to introduce them to their surf instructor and take some photos of them surfing. Thanks to everyone who has chosen us to help with their stag parties. When I did the first one last year I thought it would be a nightmare but none of them have worked out like that. The groups have always been fun and it’s great to give people who maybe aren’t such serious mountain bikers a taste of mountain biking. I get a big buzz out of it and hope to do many more in the future.

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  1. Ian Davies Says:
    July 20th, 2015 at 10:52 am

    Hi There.

    I am organizing a bachelor party for about 20 guys (mainly rugby players and ex players so some level of fitness and if not, the stupid competitiveness will see them through) to San Sebastian.

    It is Going to Be in August/early September 2016 festivals permitting. We intend to stay in a hostel in Town for Thursday to Sunday. Mountain Bike on the Friday and surf on the Saturday.

    Your trips with dinner at the end sound superb

    I note this post was a while ago, are you still doing these kinds of trips or is there someone you could recommend?
    Appreciate your time


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