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It’s been a great weeks mountain biking for me and I’m loving being back in Spain after a month away. I’ve been biking on Aiako Harriak, a local mountain, clearing some new trails deep in the forest, which has been a great way to spend some time. I’ve also been putting in the vertical km’s to start building my fitness for the season so it hasn’t all been downhill and singletrack! . . The trail is called “The Blue Pill” and is a great section of contour singletrack, winding downhill through ancient mines and forest. It takes in some spectacular views and just has a great feeling of remoteness to it which I love. The history of this trail would have started over a hundred years ago, when they started mining this mountain for lead and iron leaving lots of rocky craters, tunnels and hidden singetrack, most of which have now been reclaimed by the forest. It was obviously used as a walking trail more recently than that, maybe a few decades ago. It has a great flow to it, without being too hard, and is never steep, unlike a lot of the trails on Aiako Harriak. Eventually, as for all good things, it has to end and drops us out at a fantastic picnic spot, where a river reaches the huge limestone cliffs, and drops hundreds of meters in a spectacular cascade. After lunch we pass through the old mining tunnels which takes us into a different valley with lots of options to continue our day. Check out the picture of the tunnels at the bottom. You can just see the cascade, around the middle of the picture. .

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