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For the end of the season I’ve been using Maxxis Highrollers, the 2.5 UST 42a ones front and back. I wrote about them in a previous review but I have done a lot more miles on them including some miles in Scotland so I have some updated information. I’ve also been experimenting with some new tyre combinations and here’s my initial opinions. I mainly ride in the Basque Country, in Spain, where the terrain is a bit tougher than a lot of the UK. You can see the type of trails on my biking pages. I have a few more tyre combinations to test out but in a few months I’ll put together a summary of all the tyres I’ve tested and my top three combinations for the year ahead; watch this space! Maxxis HighRoller 2.5 UST Supertacky Front and Rear WEIGHT: 1220g’s without sealant! SUMMARY: In the Basque Country these are a superb tyre, so long as you are riding with people who you can keep up with! It is impossible to go fast for a whole day with these tyres, no matter how fit you are. The drag is insipid, it sneaks up on you and before you know it you’re doubled over the bars in a world of pain. On the more undulating trails in the UK they are terrible, you feel like you’re never getting up the speed you want to, even on a technical trail centre like Golspie I constantly felt I wasn’t flowing purely because the tyres roll so slowly. GRIP: Fantastic. TOUGHNESS: Fantastic, running on 819’s at 20psi on properly rocky trails and they haven’t flinched. ROLLING: Like a square block of toffee! TUBELESS PERFORMANCE: Inflated first time with no sealant and a hand pump. Great. Maxxis HighRoller 2.35 Singleply Supertacky (Front Only) (WireBead) WEIGHT: 750g’s. SUMMARY: I’ve used these for a few rides after using the big Highrollers and didn’t really notice a difference in grip but the bike rolled much better. They were used with tubes but the tyre seems secure and the sidewalls feel fine. GRIP: Fantastic. TOUGHNESS: Not really for long enough, although they seemed tough enough. ROLLING: A lot better than the big super tacky high rollers. This might be the summer tyre I’m looking for. TUBELESS PERFORMANCE: Borrowed tyres so just used with a tube! Maxxis Minion F 2.35 Singleply Supertacky (Front Only) (WireBead) WEIGHT: 850g’s. SUMMARY: These are my favourite tyres for the type of riding I do. GRIP: The grip is great. Not noticing any difference between these and the big super tacky high rollers. TOUGHNESS: I’ve been running them for a while and they’re fine so far. The Basque Country will be the acid test in the next month or so. ROLLING: They roll so much better than the big 2.5 supertacky high rollers. It’s really noticeable, even just on the front tire. TUBELESS PERFORMANCE: Fantastic! Non UST version but inflated no problems with a track pump and no sealant. Deflated quite quickly but on addition of the sealant it sealed with about 15 minutes of riding. There was no appreciable air loss over long periods. Maxxis Advantage 2.25 MaxPro 60a (Rear Only) (Kevlar/Folding) WEIGHT: 650g’s. SUMMARY: These seem a great rear tyre so far. I’m not using them tubeless yet but that’s the plan. GRIP: These are great tyres for the rear. I am finding plenty of climbing traction and the braking is fine too. TOUGHNESS: So far so good, the Basque Country will tell soon enough! ROLLING: Not tested yet. TUBELESS PERFORMANCE: Terrible so far! I can’t get it inflated despite trying various methods, all without sealant. I will keep trying and post my results when I get somewhere. You can see other tyre combinations I have tried by clicking the links below: Mountain Bike Tyre Choices 2009

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