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Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday | Sample Itinerary

We don´t really do itineraries for our mountain bike holidays, we try to keep them as flexible as possible so we can tailor them to the groups we have. The Ultimate Pyrenees tour does have an itinerary, however it is very high level for the Pyrenees so there is always the possibility we need to change some of the trails to ensure the group safety. You should know the level of this trip before coming, and it is for people who have already completed one of our mountain bike holidays, so we won’t offer easier options on any of the days.


Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday | Transfer Day

We will pick everyone up for this mountain bike holiday in San Sebastian, please get in touch to arrange flight times that suit. Once everyone has arrived we will drive to the first stop of our tour where we stay in a the wilderness which is Guara in a little hostal we use often on our other holidays. Here we will put all our bikes together and if there is time we will have a short ride.

Distance Cycled0km
Riding Time0 hours
Technical Difficultyn/a
Physical Difficultyn/a
Time In Van (excluding uplifts)3:00


Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday | Day 1

Today we are aiming to arrive to the Pyrenees mountains, we need to cros Guara, one of the wildest places in Spain and every meter and lost gained will be a battle. This is a really tough day, technically and physically. We start with a big uplift in a proper 4×4 and then we will hike and bike our way up to the tallest mountain in the area, giving us stunning views of the mountains we will be biking across during the rest of this holiday. From there we enjoy fantastic, wild singletrack all the way to the border of Zona Zero, which we will cross to arrive in Ainsa to sleep.

Distance Cycled50km
Riding Time9 hours
Technical DifficultyVery High
Physical DifficultyExtreme (but don’t worry, your legs will be fresh!)
Time In Van (excluding uplifts)0 minutes.


Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday | Day 2

Today we start with a big uplift. From there we move up into the high Pyrenees mountains, biking along an old aqueduct cut into the sheer face of the mountain. At times the trail is extremely exposed but generally it is safe. We enjoy a short, but extremely intense, descent down to a local village where we get a special uplift that is only possible because a friend of ours drinks with the local mayor! The descent from here is long, technical and unrelenting with lots of committed high speed sections. We arrive back to the earlier village and get another long (long) uplift. From here we have around 45 minutes of hike-a-bike to reach a high mountain top. The descent from here is currently one of the best in the Pyrenees, according to us and to local bikers. We ride a long, long singletrack which spits us out right at a bar, where we will stay for the night in some little chalets with fantastic views of the biggest mountains in the Pyrenees.

Distance Cycled35km
Riding Time8 hours
Technical DifficultyHigh
Physical DifficultyVery high, mainly due to the length of the descents.
Time In Van (excluding uplifts)30 minutes.


Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday | Day 3

The next morning we will enjoy an early breakfast before we set off, pedalling from our accommodation. The start is relaxed, winding along with huge mountains all around on a gentle double track. Quickly that changes and we enjoy an intense descent to the valley floor. From here we have a very long and difficult uplift. We really had to persuade the drivers to take us here because the track is very hard on the vehicles! We arrive to a pass high up in the mountains but that’s just the start of our journey. We have around 2.5 hours from here, with plenty of sections you can pedal but also plenty of hiking and carrying. We arrive to 2700m, way above the tree line, where we pedal along on a moonscape with the air feeling very thin in our lungs.

Arriving at the top we will have a picnic (everyone carries their own food when the trails get this high!), and look at the descent below us. What a descent! It seems endless as we work down to a mountain valley below. Unlike a lot of very high mountain trails, this has a lot of flow to it and the average speed is high almost all the way down. Arriving below we will grab a drink and hit the next uplift. Ideally we will have another descent, another 1000m monster, however we need to watch our time and make it to the camp before dark. Tonight we sleep high up in the mountains, with our camp supplied thanks to a local mule team. They haul up our food, drink and tents and we sleep in a billion star hotel tonight. Unless you are very lucky and have lived a life jam-packed full of excellence then I bet this will be one of the most memorable nights of your life.

Distance Cycled30km
Riding Time7 hours
Technical DifficultyModerate-High
Physical DifficultyHigh. The hike is hard and the descents are long.
Time In Van (excluding uplifts)None.


Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday | Day 4

Lets be honest, it can get cold up here! In the morning it is a fantastic feeling to squeeze into the tent and have coffee made for us. We will strap our bikes to the mules, (don’t worry, it´s a very easy job for them), and make our way up around 600m to the high mountain pass above. From here we have spectacular views over the lake we camped beside and the mountains around us. The descent is going to be an eye opener for you guys. It is my absolute favourite, (Doug says!), but this isn’t enduro. This is old school, all mountain, with long sections of anti-flow on some of the most technical stuff I’ve ever ridden. It is immense. It is only possible because of the fact that these groups are smaller and the entry is limited to prior guests, it wouldn’t be responsible to offer something this tough on a normal trip! And it is endless. We will have a picnic later in the day and a small uplift but the whole of the day will be spend fighting our way down this mountain. The bar at the end serves the best beer I have ever tasted! The numbers really don’t do this day justice. Tonight we will eat in the best hotel in the region, expect to eat well.

>em>Distance Cycled35km
Riding Time8hours
Technical DifficultyThis one goes up to 11.
Physical DifficultyIntense
Time In Van (excluding uplifts)None.


Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday | Day 5

After the anti-flow of yesterday we will change gear a little today and have a day of uplifts. If you are fit then expect to ride around 4000m before we are driven to an empty valley. From here we have an hour of hiking to meet up with our friends, the mules, for another high mountain camp, this times in the shadow of the highest mountains in the Pyrenees in a protected park. By now you are tired, really tired, but you know that we will have a special day prepared for you tomorrow and you will sleep well!

Distance Cycled40km
Riding Time6 hours
Technical DifficultyHigh
Physical DifficultyModerate
Time In Van (excluding uplifts)45 minutes.


Backcountry Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday | Day 6

Today is our last day and ist is special! We will have breakfast with our mules before a short hike up to a crack in the chain of the Pyrenees right on the Spanish – French border. From here we have a crazy descent down into France, a real high mountain trail with around a million switchbacks and almost 2000m of absolute descent. We will get a lunch in France before the biggest uplift of the week in a helicopter we will charter. Flying over the highest mountains in the Pyrenees we will be dropped off at just under 3000m where we are faced with a 2000m descent to the hotel below. Today we will have descended for over 5 vertical kilometres, one of the biggest days on a bike I thinkI have ever done. We will enjoy beers together in the local town as we relive the experiences we have shared this week.

Distance Cycled40km
Riding Time8 hours
Technical Difficulty10/10
Physical Difficulty10/10, more for the descents than anything else.
Time In Van (excluding uplifts)0.


Sorry folks but that’s the end of the trip. This morning we will take you to the airport in Barcelona.
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