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The Basque Country has been buffetted by storms this week that have dusted the Pyrenees with snow and swamped San Sebastian’s front streets with waves. It’s fantastic! This is expected in winter and is the reason we close mid-October until March. I normally love cycling our cliff-top singletrack when a big storm hits; blasting along with the crashing of the waves and the taste of salt in the air is really life affirming for me. Sadly I have a cold so had to make do with seeing the waves in San Sebastian followed by some pintxos! It reminded me that I was here just a couple of weeks ago in the blazing sunshine with the waves just a gentle movement on the surface of the sea. Amaia had to get her hair cut early in the morning so I took the opportunity to ride some of the singletrack that I know which starts in San Sebastian. It’s amazing really that a city like San Sebastian has really great singletrack which starts in the city and takes you along the coast into the country. It’s really buff with technical rocky sections, switchbacks and some exposure. I rode for about 4hrs on singletrack, apart from 10mins on cycle paths to get to the trail head, without repeating a section. I finished, dropped my bike in the van and had some pintxo’s for lunch in the middle of San Sebastian. Some days I have to pinch myself to check I’m not dreaming all this. Here’s some bigger pictures of the storm:

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