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basqueMTB offer amazing mountain bike holidays in Spain. Our mountain bike holidays in the Pyrenees and on the Basque Coast near San Sebastian are widely rated as some of the best in the world. This area has an amazing variety of trails, coupled with a great climate and vibrant local culture. With around 60-80% of van uplift, miles and miles of singletrack, local culture, amazing food and drink and stunning accommodation we have put together the type of mountain bike holidays that we wanted do ourselves. Why not let basqueMTB organise your next mountain bike holiday and try it out for yourself.
“something truly special… trust me and try it for yourself.”
“some of the best riding we have ever done, anywhere.”
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Why choose basqueMTB for your next mountain bike holiday?

We are the original specialists in guiding across the North of Spain from the Pyrenees to the Basque Coast. We have been running since 2008 and have guided more than 5000 mountain bikers. With return numbers close to 50% the numbers speak for themselves. We use expert local guides who make sure you have the best mountain bike holiday possible. We are by far the longest running and most visited mountain bike guide company in the Spanish Pyrenees and helped establish the area as the destination it is now. Simply put, we know these mountains better than anyone and have have been refining our trips for over a decade. Let us put together a mountain bike holiday for you and see why people from all over the world keep coming back.

“some of the best trails I’ve ever ridden in my life!”
Why choose the North of Spain for your next mountain bike holiday?

The North of Spain is an amazing mountain bike destination with epic, rugged trails and an unparalleled variety of environments. From the majestic High Pyrenees mountains which are remote and rugged, to the beautiful forests of the Basque Coast with its amazing culture and flowy handbuilt trails, there is something for every mountain biker. Our dedicated shuttle vehicles and expert organisation will make sure you get the most out of your mountain bike holiday with us.

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