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Here you have all our mountain bike holidays with a short description. You can use some of the unique qualities of each holiday to try and help you choose which might suit you. Of course we are always more than happy to talk you through the options and help you choose a mountain bike holiday which will suit you. The reality is that most people end up coming back again and again and trying more than one holiday.

Basque Coast Mountain Bike Holidays

The Basque Coast has its share of mountains, with the westerly end of the Pyrenees reaching right down to the beach. This is where we ride in summer, when the days are warm and the water is warm. The trails here are a great mix of natural singletrack with lots of pretty spicy, hand-built, “enduro-style” tracks.

basque mountain bike holiday

Basque Coast

Based near San Sebastian on the northern coast of Spain. This MTB holiday offers incredible, uplifted mountain biking above perfect surf beaches.

The enduro style riding on the Basque Coast is technical, challenging and beautiful with endless uplift options.

san sebastian mountain bike day trips

San Sebastian Day Trips

Mountain bike in San Sebastian?Want the experience of one of our mountain bike holidays but only have a shorter time? We can offer mountain bike day trips with mountain bike hire near San Sebastian on the Basque Coast throughout the year.

This is the area which can cater for the widest range of riders, separated into appropriate groups of course. Expert riders will find no end of steep, testing trails to challenge their skills. Riders from high intermediate above will find less challenging, but no less fun, trails aplenty too.

Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holidays

Although all of our holidays are really in the Pyrenees, here is where you will find our trips in the more central Pyrenees, where the highest mountains can be found. We offer three holidays in the Pyrenees to take advantage of the best trails in each season.

Ainsa Enduro

The best Enduro trails in Ainsa (Zona Zero), a regular destination for the EWS. Using our unlimited van uplifts to access some of the best riding in the Pyrenees.

backcountry pyrenees mountain bike holiday

Backcountry Pyrenees

A gravity assisted mountain bike holiday in the Pyrenees. Five different locations and 15,000m of challenging descending on perfect, natural trails.

high pyrenees mountain bike holiday

High Pyrenees

Mountain biking high in the Pyrenees with around 80% uplift. Taking in the highest mountain bike trails with 15,000m of technical descending over 6 days.

The Pyrenees have our longest descents. The riding is mainly natural and is firmly in the advanced to expert category, although for groups we can adapt the Ainsa Enduro to good intermediate riders.

Special Mountain Bike Holidays

Let’s be clear, all of our holidays are special! These trips are the trips which we don’t run on regular dates, where we need to get a group together to confirm them.

Backcountry Basque

The Backcountry Basque mountain bike tour finishes in San Sebastian. We ride, using van uplifts, all the way across the Basque country, taking in the best trails on our way as well as fantastic food of course.

Ultimate Pyrenees

An incredible mountain bike adventure high in the Pyrenees supported by mule trains and helicopters. A once in a lifetime, unforgettable experience.

High Pyrenees Adventure

Tour of Aneto Ladies Trip

24th September

An adventurous mountain bike holiday for adventurous ladies. Riding some of the highest Pyrenees mountain bike trails with some high altitude camping.

Pyrenees MTB Odyssey

Pyrenees Odyssey

The Pyrenees Odyssey, mountain biking adventure on the highest trails in the Pyrenees. Mornings of high alpine riding followed by shuttle assisted afternoons. This is simply the best riding you can do anywhere.

Get in touch if you are keen to book one of these trips.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

At basqueMTB we judge ourselves by what our customers tell us. It is critical for us and over the years it has shaped our mountain bike holidays. Trips have changed, or been dropped altogether and over the years we have evolved our holidays. Have a look at what our mountain biking guests tell us.


Previous guests on our holidays share their experiences.

Feedback From Guests

We judge ourselves on what our guests tell us. You probably should too!

 by Judy Clark on BasqueMTB
High Hopes

We had high hopes for our trip and it was even better than expected. The town, the house, the guides, the trails were all awesome. It was great getting to know the other riders and going out for dinner with them in Hondarribia each night. The riding was perfect for our level - challenging but doable. It was fun to ride trails that were quite different to what we ride here in NZ. We rented bikes and were very happy with them. We will return, and recommend Basque MTB to all our friends!

 by Daniel Fecteau on BasqueMTB
Good Challenge

I was afraid the rides would be too easy - they were actually a good challenge. This, paired with 5 full days of riding really increased my skills/ability a big notch. I'm a better rider as I could go over some blockages I had. Really nice!

 by Ray Varley on BasqueMTB
Great Week

Just a great week. We had bad luck with the weather, but everything else was so good that it didn't matter - had six fantastic days on the bike, all different and all memorable, through snow, rain and sunshine. Roll on next year.

 by Brian Chambers on BasqueMTB

Epic. I know thats not useful for the site but thats all I have right now.

 by Mark Maaskant on BasqueMTB
Awesome Week

I did the High Pyrenees trip. Had an awesome week with Doug, Antonio, Igor, Carlos and Borha. Good accommodation, well skilled guides, good uplifts. Everything is very well organized. The trails are insane! Rocky, fast, steep, switchbacks, enormous descents and some climbing. It’s just pure enduro heaven. Take care that as a rider you must be fit and experienced to take part in a trip like this. It’s intense (as well as the amounts of delicious dinners). I will definitely be back next season.

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