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Pinkbike: “It felt like the best thing a trip like this could feel like – like a complete break from the world, and what more can you ask for from a holiday?” Read the full article.MBR enjoy the riding on the Basque coast and state, “there´s something truly special about the sun, the dust, the Atlantic breeze and the Basque pace of life. Trust me and try it for yourself. Read the full review.Canadian Cycling: “it felt like having a buddy show you his local secret trails. This buddy just happened to ride like a pro, have a great shuttle van, a love for food and drink, and knowledge of the area that is impressive.”Read the article.
IMBike Magazine basqueMTBSingletrack Basque MTB Holiday TestimonialDirt Basque MTB Holiday Testimonial
We take International Mountain Bike Magazine to ride the notoriously difficult Technotrocity, pushing them well outside of their comfort zone, stating, “Nothing in the UK comes close to the severity, length and altitude loss”. Read the full article.We take Singletrack to Spanish Utah at the height of summer! Normally we would only ride here in spring or autumn due to the heat but they enjoyed the trails. Sublime, dusty singletrack… atop another riverbed, rockier this time, with some fair exposure off to our right-hand side, this was one for the books… the smiles from Sam, Joe and Doug said it all. Fists were bumped, and chat soon turned to the lucky escapes, the near misses and the awesome corners.Read the full article.Dirt feature Doug as one of their Industry Insiders. Read the article.
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The Guardian newspaper visits basqueMTB and declares: “It’s almost draining in its beauty.” Read the full article here. Singletrack´s Barney comes here during the launch of the 2015 Nukeproof bikes and declares: “The riding is unquestionably fantastic, and it carries on all day.” and “One of the extraordinary things about riding in this region is how like the UK it feels; albeit a region of the UK where the trails go on for a long time, and where there are no access issues, and the food is much, much, much better.” .Read the full article.Bike magazine ponders on some of our trails on the Basque Coast saying, “Whistler? its a spanish common mistake to think that what is abroad is always better, but the truth is that you would be surprised with the never ending, technical and demanding trails of the always green and humid region of Guipuzkoa.Read a translation of the article.
Singletrack Basque MTB Holiday TestimonialIMBike Magazine basqueMTBDirt Basque MTB Holiday Testimonial
Singletrack: “If Doug hadn’t met Amaia in Glasgow years ago he would never have discovered this region… ergo, but for a drunken introduction in a Glasgow pub …precious few people would be aware of the amazingly technical and spectacular trails the Basque Pyrenees were currently showing us” “We felt like visitors out with local friends, rather than tourists with a bike tour company, such was the way Doug and Amaia treated us. We gather that’s pretty typical and it’s testament to the ethos of BasqueMTB”. Read the full article.IMB Magazine enjoy a mixture of the Basque Coast and Backcountry Pyrenees: “I honestly can´t recommend the riding here enough, the trails are seeminly endless and the quality of the riding is on another level… home will never quite be the same again, knowing there is this magical place only a few hours flight away”Read the full article here. Dirt’s James McKnight Briefly Visits Basque MTB: “I had been checking out some of the sublime and earthy surroundings that are on Doug’s doorstep; the green, lush fields and crashing clean waves of the Atlantic that border the Basque. I had ridden some serious hills and some flow-tastic trails.”Read James’s column.


Switchback Mountain Bike Magazine Basque MTB Holiday TestimonialDirt Basque MTB Holiday Testimonial
SwitchBack: Doug has become a virtual expert on the area. Through Basque MTB he offers affordable holidays with top-notch guiding. For a hassle-free, truly insider’s view into this wild landscape and stunning terrain, he’s your man.Read the full story here.Heidi Swift, Writer for Pelaton and SuperBlogger: “Then God said, “Let there be singletrack. And there was. And it was good. So good, in fact, that there were several sections just a touch outside my skill level, but the scenery was so mesmerizing, it didn’t matter. Doug turned out to be an amazing and patient teacher, concerned more with the quality of my experience than anything else… at times when I couldn’t clear the technical ascents.We stopped to take photographs.We stopped to let our jaws drop”Since Heidi is no longer riding for the Specialized trail crew this article has disappeared. You can read it here though.Dirt rates us as one of the top places in Europe to ride! Read our section here. 
Exempt Clothing Basque MTB Mountain Bike Holiday TestimonialPress and Journal Basque MTB Holiday Testimonial
 Exempt Clothing: “These trails were truly amazing, breath taking scenes and at times we were right on the edge with a massive drop to the side. You could hear the water crashing against the rocks. With the sun out and a gentle sea breeze we couldn’t ask for anymore!” Read the full story here.Press and Journal: Saddle up for holiday with a difference.“One magical section, known as the Stinky Goat Track, is a highlight for its viciously fast descents through sun-dappled woods.”Read the article here. Read the full story here.TrailGuru: “A trip to the Basque Country could be just the ticket to re-awaken your passion for the sport. My lasting impression was of how natural the trails are – totally different from the man-made centres back home.” Read the full story here.
bicycling mountain bike holiday testimonialBasqueMTB Mountain Bike Holiday Testimonial BikeMagicRowan Sorrell, Dirt Journalist, Track Builder and Pro Rider.
Bicycling Magazine’s “Five Big Cycling Trips”: “Along Spain’s sun-drenched northern coast you can sample trails as varied as the region’s cuisine, with desert roller coasters, sea-swept paths, and Pyrenean­ rock gardens.” Read the full story here. BikeMagic: “Where else can one surf clean waves, sip beers by the beach and ride snakes of singletrack all in one afternoon?”Read the full story here. “I spent a week last year with Doug and Amaia from Basque MTB whilst filming Find for Reset Films. The area is a perfect getaway from our unpredictable and often bad weather, you have sun, sea and mountains, a perfect combo. We rode some big mountains, plenty of fast rolling trails on the lower foothills and beautiful coastal paths. The Basque region is very different to ride compared to Southern Spain, where it is loose, gravelly and rocky (but still lots of fun!) On the Basque trails you have lovely dirt not too dissimilar to mid Wales – except its dry! Doug is very easy going and passionate about the riding and the trails and Amaia knows everything there is to know about the Basque region which completes the trip, as you leave knowing a little more about somewhere new and that is what travel is all about.” You can read more on Rowan’s Blog, or what he wrote for Great-Rock.
QECPBasque MTB Mountain Bike Holiday Testimonial Danny Visits for a Skills Week Fyrish MTB Club
QECP Trail Builders: “The trails, in my opinion, were the best I have ever ridden… Doug seems to have access to limitless amounts of trails and tailors rides to the rider’s wants, needs and skill levels. There is something for everyone at Basque MTB.” Read the full story here. “the best descending and general all round mountain biking I’ve ever experienced. The variance of trails we rode over the six days was unbelievable;  intense, steep, rocky descents, long technical climbs and loads of fast and fun singletrack.”Read the full story here. We can highly recommend Doug@ BasqueMTB to show you around some of the finest trails we have had the pleasure to cycle on. Read the full story here.
 Singletrack Basque MTB Holiday Testimonial BasqueMTB Mountain Bike Holiday Testimonials
It is always worth checking the mountain bike forums for some reviews of companies before you book. Here are a few comments from the forums about basqueMTB, you can search for more too!MissNoTax: “I’ve done four mtbing hols over the years and this is by far the best (quickly followed by **** ******)”Read the Full Review Here.DannyT: “Highly recommend it to anyone considering a biking holiday and fancies a change from the Alpsy stuff”Read the post here. Onzadog: “Best holiday I’ve ever been on and I used to work for a company that ran alps holidays. His knowledge of the trails and how to maximise a day in terms or terrain, trails and weather is just beyond belief”Read the rest of the post, and other comments, here. bluerob: “I’m going back in April and it just can’t happen soon enough! Doug, Ed and the local guides, Antonio and Borja kept us laughing, smiling and riding the entire week. It was a joy to share their stunning trails and soak up first class food, booze and scenery with a really friendly group of riders.”Read the rest of the post, and other comments, here.

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