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> Pyrenees with Dirt Mountain Bike Magazine and Reset Films

mountain bike holiday pyrenees dirt magazine

Filming with Dirt Magazine in the South Spanish Pyrenees

Sometimes the best adventures happen when you just sketch the outlines and let life do the painting. So it was when Mark, (from Reset Films), asked if he could come and shoot in some of the mountain bike spots he’d seen in my photos. The conversation went something like this. “Fecking hell Doug, those shots are amazing”. “Thanks, wanna film here”. “Yeah! Lets sort out the details”. Somehow we never really got to the details.

mountain bike holiday pyrenees dirt magazine
Clifftop berms, what could possibly be cooler than that?

Some of you may remember Mark filmed FIND here back in 2009 with Rowan Sorrell. This new project is sort of a follow up from that.  Mark took James McKnight, the Euro Pikey, Downhill Racer, Enduro Star, Skills Trainer, Writer for Dirt, Nice Guy, Destroyer of Impossible Climbs, Writer of Books and I’m sure many, many other things. Over the course of a week we rode many trails in the Basque Country and across the route of our South Pyrenees mountain bike holidays. Read on for plenty more photos and a few stories that probably won’t make it into the magazines or films! Read the post »

> Mountain Bike Trip to “Spanish Utah”

Mountain Bike Holiday in Spanish Utah

Basque MTB take a mountain bike holiday in “Spanish Utah”, a stunningly different part of Spain.

Mountain biking would get pretty boring if we rode the same trails all the time. Variety is the spice of life. And variety was what was waiting for me this Thursday, when I got the invite to ride in a new area the locals call “Spanish Utah”. Javito and I packed our mountain bikes into his car and had ourselves a little mountain biking holiday in Utah! Read on for lots more pictures and some video of the mountain biking in this very unique part of Spain. Read the post »

> South Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday Trail Finding

Mountain Bike Holiday in Spain, South Pyrenees

A definite area we will use for our South Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holidays.

Today’s ride was incredible, tough, exciting and painful in pretty much equal measures! I have been cleaning and building new trails for the last few days and have had a couple of big days out between filming (watch this space!) and it took its toll today. I knew I was in trouble on the first climb, my shoulders and back were so painful. It was really a case of gritting my teeth and trying to enjoy the stunning views as we winched onwards. Javito was spinning away from me with remarkable ease on every uphill and there was just nothing I could do about it. I was digging deep for the easy bits and by the time any harder bits came I’d already given all I could so it was the old two-foot-drive.  Read on for the full story and to see why I was smiling through my tears! Read the post »

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