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Accident Reporting Form

accident report

a form for reporting accidents
  • Full name of client
  • DD slash MM slash YYYY
  • :
  • Tick all that apply
  • Where the accident happened. As much detail as possible and if possible a grid reference, lat/long.
  • What has been hurt. First level diagnosis. E.g. Bang to head, no concussion. Or arm broken.
  • Who was there and who was involved. Did anyone else administer first aid or offer assistance?
  • Details of what equipment you used. Foil blankets, first aid items etc.
  • What did you do? Van assistance, ambulance, etc
  • To be filled in after. As much details as possible about what happened in the run up to the accident. Number of days biking, have you done any skills, any advice given to the group, any small accidents before etc etc. As much details as possible.
  • If you went to hospital tell us which one and when you arrived.

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