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Mountain Bike Tour on the Coast near Bilbao

Mountain biking on the coast near Bilbao.
Folded and layered rock formations.
Hard to concentrate on the trails.Swoopy, bermy singletrack.
As soon as we hit the coast it was obvious we were in for some special mountain biking. Although we were still in the outskirts of the town there was nice, technical singletrack lining the cliffs. It was stunning and we were soon all sprinting along the singletrack, in between the numerous photo stops. If there was a downside it was the number of people but everyone was cool and jumped out of our way with a smile. The reason it was so busy was that it was a sunny Sunday and the time when people typically take a stroll before lunch.
There’s beer in that there town.This felt a lot closer to the edge than it looks!
As we started getting a bit further away from town the number of people decreased sharply. The trails also seemed to open up and the descents, although short, had a magical flow. It was almost like a pump track with bermed corners, little doubles and drops and dips to be pumped. In short it was incredible riding. The climbs and descents were all short, around 100-200m in height and everything seemed to cry out to be attacked at one hundred percent effort.
Getting dark.
Riding along the coast with the sun setting was special. I don’t think I can describe it any better than that. The views and the trails were just right. Short, sharp climbs followed by twisty, turny descents. At one point I hit one perfect little jump and flew right past the next bermed corner, laughing my head off. I think everyone had a moment like that. At some point we turned away from the coast and picked up a sinuous ribbon of singletrack winding into the forest. The sun had pretty much set by now. The trail was perfect but what sticks in my mind were all the men in the woods. It is a known area for gay men to cruise but these men were all older, reduced to hanging about in the woods for quick dalliances with unknown partners. I found it sad that they have to live their lives like this, unable to come out to friends and family. Still, despite my sadness I didn’t hang about and positively cranked the bike through the forest as fast as I dared; I didn’t need to be the fastest but definitely didn’t want to be the slowest! We popped out of the forest and all of a sudden our epic ride was over. Tired, happy, dust covered, bleeding, thirsty. I could go on but you probably know how we felt! It was another epic mountain bike ride, all the closer to perfection due to it’s contrast to the rest of the weeks riding.
The sun setting on the coast.

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