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Welcome to our “Mechanical” category page! I don’t think many people find their way to these dusty corners of the basqueMTB website! Here you can find similar pages grouped together so you can easily find them. The “Mechanical” category covers all the blogs that deal with little tips that I’ve found out or stolen for fixing my bike! As mountain bike guides we find out a lot of these little tips, but we maybe aren’t as good at writing them down… if you have any suggestions for things you would like to se here then just let us know!

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Mountain Bike Maintenance: Stuck Cassette

How to remove a siezed cassette from a Chris King / Hope Pro 2 hub. WIth lightweight hubs the cassette can dig into the carrier, follow these steps to remove your cassette.

10 Tips for Going Tubeless On Your Mountain Bike

10 Tips for Going Tubeless On Your Mountain Bike We advise for our mountain bike holidays that you always, always, always bring your bike, already set up as tubeless. For most of 2010 I have been running a tyre set up that I find perfect, using standard Maxxis tyres but running them tubeless. The advantage […]

Repair Leaking Pike Motion Control

Repair Leaking Pike Motion Control It’s a problem I’ve had for some time but couldn’t find a definitive answer on the web for. The adjuster at the top of the motion control leg on my Rockshox Pikes has been leaking whenever the fork is turned upside down. Following some advice from the mighty hive mind […]

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