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The BasqueMTB Mountain Bike Team

basqueMTB is run by Doug, with some help from his partner Amaia in the administration department. We employ 3 full time guides, along with some people we can pull in for help occasionally. All of our guides are local, qualified, hold a first aid certificate and are properly insured and paid. We think that is important.

If you’d like to know more about us then check out our (slightly tongue in cheek) profiles!


Doug: “El Jefe”

Doug has been biking for as long as he can remember and has been helpless as the addiction has taken over his life. Doug met Amaia in a seedy club in Edinburgh and fell for her Basque charms and moving to the Basque Coast with her.

Doug is the founder of BasqueMTB and one of the main guides. He holds a SMBLA mountain bike leader guiding qualification and has been riding XC and DH around Scotland for years so will ensure that no matter what your level you are properly looked after and kept excited! He can also offer some coaching to help you get the most out of the challenging local terrain. Doug is also a keen photographer and snaps lots of photos during the trips ready to share with you.

When not biking he can often be found hanging around the beach bars telling anyone who will listen that the surf is too small for him to get his board out and that he’s waiting for the 100 year wave!


Antonio: “El Abuelo”

Antonio has been guiding for basqueMTB’s for several years now and holds a local guiding qualification and first aid certificate. Born and bred in the Pyrenees he has been biking since before mountain biking was mountain biking and his knowledge of the wider Pyrenees area is breathtaking. He has forgotten more trails that most people will ever know, however that might be due to his affection for red wine!

Antonio’s English is improving every day and he is always a fun and charismatic guide with a wealth of local knowledge.

When Antonio isn’t guiding, and once everyone is safely home, Antonio can be found hanging around bars eating red meat, drinking red wine and being right about everything.


Borja: “El Afeitado”

Borja started out driving the basqueMTB van but we quickly trained him up to guide as well and got him his local guiding qualification and first aid training. Borja has a lot of experience organising road biking trips and he keeps us organised looks after a lot of the details during our trips. Borja is fast, proper roadie fast and he runs 130km mountain marathons for fun, so he often gets the fittest groups to guide.

Borja is from Pamplona and has been biking in the Pyrenees for almost as long as Antonio. He speaks fantastic English and knows lots about the mountains, having climbed most of them.

When Borja isn’t guiding you can find him shaving his legs and running marathons before a light breakfast.


Carlos: “El Bocón”

Carlos came into our lives shortly after moving back to the Basque Country. After a hard day exploring Doug was cycling home along the road when someone started shouting at him. It turns out that someone was Carlos, a San Sebastian local, who wanted to know why Doug was riding on the road when there was nice singletrack next to it.

Carlos´s local knowledge is impressive. It´s possible he knows more trails than Doug (“Don´t bet on it” – Doug) and together they spent all their free time finding new trails, and drinking Sidra but mostly finding new trails. Carlos is a very fast rider but he is always happy to wait for people and takes huge pleasure in telling you all about the Basque Country. Carlos used to have a normal job and just help out but the guiding life was too tempting and he eventually quit his job and joined basqueMTB full time.

When not smashing himself on easy fireroads Carlos can be found hanging around Yorkshire’s coffee bars shouting “Frappachino my ass” and trying to be more right than Antonio


Igor: “Wolfie”

Igor is the latest addition to the basqueMTB team and we are currently training him up and putting him through his local guiding qualification. He already has his first aid certificate. By the end of 2017 he should be fully up to speed and guiding groups.

Igor comes from a competitive cycling background. He races world cup DH up until 2007 and competed all around Europe. He also competed at the very top level in trials with a few top ten worldwide positions and is a sponsored BMX rider. If you want to see some smooth lines then you want to follow Igor for a bit, amazingly he does seem to crash quite a bit too!

When not guiding Igor likes to puff up his hair and pretend to be Teen Wolf or climb mountains with his dog.


Amaia: “La Jefa”

Amaia is a local Basque girl who grew up in San Sebastian. After studying business in San Sebastian she visited Scotland, planning to stay a few months to improve her English. She stayed for several years until she hooked a good Scottish boy and dragged him home! Amaia is our advisor for all things cultural, the more refined things about the Basque Country.

Amaia has a proper job and isn’t directly involved in the day to day biking holidays but helps organising accommodation, day trips and dining where her local knowledge and connections mean that we get the best advice possible. Amaia also tries to make sense of basqueMTB´s accounts and paperwork.

Amaia doesn´t bike, so when not biking she loves visiting the local towns, cities and shops.

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