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7 nights
Breakfast | Lunches | Dinners
6 days guiding
Bilbao or Biarritz
Helicopter Uplift
July 21st
High Mountain Camps
21,000m Descending
Physicalhigh pyrenees mountain bike holiday
Technicalhigh pyrenees mountain bike holiday
Uplift around 80%
ZonePyrenees, Spain


Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holidays

This is a very special mountain bike holiday which we offer for one week each year. The trip uses mules and helicopters to get us to the highest mountains it is possible to ride in the Pyrenees and also to let us sleep high up in the mountains. This is a trip only for people who have been on a previous mountain bike holiday with basqueMTB and who we feel will cope with the technical and physical challenges. Please get in touch if you are interested.

What’s Included

 7 Nights Accommodation  
 Breakfasts, Packed Lunches & Dinners  
 6 Days Guiding  
 Transfers from San Sebastian or Biarritz Airport  
 Small Groups of 6, occasionally 7  
 Local Guides  
 High Quality Photos of Trip  
80% Uplift and Van Support
amazing, endless single track, unforgettable descents Muriel from MTB Pro

Using a mixture of mules, helicopters and 4×4´s we will ride high in the Pyrenees mountains, challenging ourselves with the highest peaks and longest descents possible. Each day there will be some pedalling, carrying and pushing to reach the top and everyone needs to be capable of this.

Most awesome trip ever don’t change a thing!!!
Andy from the UK
This is is a point to point trip, sleeping in different places most nights and having an adventure as we ride around, along and across the highest mountains in the Pyrenees. We will use traditional mules to carry our equipment on two days, and also to supply two high mountain camps for us. There will be one big helicopter journey to link two trails on one very special day of mountain biking, descending around 4000m.

This is a unique and extremely high level mountain bike adventure, a once in a life time experience.


This trip requires a very high level of skill and fitness, it is not accessible anyone other than expert bikers. You will need to have completed at least one trip with basqueMTB before and we will talk to everyone prior to accepting a booking.

Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday: Technical Level
high pyrenees mountain bike holiday

This is going to be by far the hardest trip we offer, expect long sections of difficult and often exposed singletrack where few bikers are lucky enough to ride. This really is a proper challenge for riders with the highest level.  

High Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday: Required Fitness
high pyrenees mountain bike holiday

There will be up to an hour of carrying each day, with long, physical descents afterwards. You need a very high degree of fitness for this trip and it is probably something you will need to train for in the months running up to your holiday. 


High Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday: Riding Areas

The Ultimate Pyrenees trip starts just south of the Pyrenees and travels up to and along the spine of the Pyrenees, riding close to the Spanish – French border in the higher mountains.  





Bilbao Airport is the best. Biarritz is also good. If you are flying from outside Europe you might arrive to Madrid or Barcelona and be able to fly on to Hondarribia Airport for the shortest transfer.


If you are coming by car then the ferry to Bilbao or Santander is a good option.


From Paris you can take the TGV direct to Hendaye.


For our Ultimate Pyrenees mountain bike holiday we need to pick up in San Sebastian, or Biarritz airport around 2pm. This means if you arrive to Bilbao you need to get in around midday.



We pick up on Saturday in San Sebastian at 2pm or thereabouts. If you need to discuss arrival information then please just get in touch before booking flights.


The High Pyrenees starts and finishes on Saturday. Due to the logistics shorter trips aren´t possible.


well thought out routes, superb accommodation… A truly EPIC adventure


The accommodation we use for our Ultimate Pyrenees mountain bike holiday will be a real mixture due to the nature of the trip. Some nights we will sleep in luxury spa hotels and on other nights it will be high mountain campsites. You will need a good sleeping bag but the high mountain campsites will be set up and supplied by a train of mules so you can expect to relax in the tent with a cold beer, some wine and a tasty meal.


We pride ourselves on the high quality of eating that you will experience on our mountain bike holidays! Even when we are sleeping at the top of a mountain you can expect a great meal of something traditional and freshly cooked.

All the means are included on this trip, it gives you one less thing to think about.

Facilities which are Common to All Our Holiday Accommodation

2 People Sharing a Room

3 Nights

Bike Tools / Dedicated Workshop

Clothes Washing Facilities
0 Nights

Secure Bike Storage


The prices for the mountain bike holiday we offer are shown below. If you would like to talk about an option that isn’t shown here then please get in touch.

€POA per rider. Non Riders €n/a.
All meals.
Guaranteed single room €POA.

Extra Holiday Information

Due to the logistics day trips or shorter breaks are not available on this trip.

Bike hire details are available on the mountain bike hire page.


Here are some of the questions we are regularly asked about our mountain bike holidays. If you have any questions we are delighted to answer them, just get in touch.  
Do you have an itinerary for your Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday?

This trip does run to an itinerary. You can get a good idea of the trip in this article: Ultimate Pyrenees trip preparation or on this article on Pinkbike: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/high-pyrenees-a-trip-in-the-making-basquemtb.html.

I don't want to do a week's mountain bike holiday, can I do a shorter break?

Sorry but shorter trips just aren’t possible on this trip.

What are the group sizes on a typical mountain bike holiday?

This trip runs with two groups of 6 people and 2 guides.

My partner doesn't mountain bike but would like to join our holiday, is this possible?

This isn’t a trip for non-riding partners. You can take all the photos home and show them afterwards though!

What other equipment do I need for this trip?

You will need a good 3 season sleeping bag and sleeping mat. A good warm jacket and trousers for sitting round the tents when the sun goes down. We will provide a full kit list when you book on this trip.

Who can come on this trip?

Really this is a trip for people who we know. If you have done one of our other trips then get in touch and we will give you all the details and talk you through it.

How come it´s so expensive compared to your other trips?

To put it simply, it is thanks to the helicopter and the high mountain campsites. These things are expensive but it makes for an incredible experience. We really thought about cutting things from this trip to make it more affordable but then you would be better off doing our Backcountry Pyrenees or High Pyrenees trip. This is a very special trip, for people who want that experience and that is what it costs.

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