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Why BasqueMTB

We are the longest running mountain bike holiday company in the Pyrenees and Basque Country, running our award winning mountain bike holidays here since 2008. We have been working with the trail builders and businesses in all the areas we ride in, helping many of them get started and set up. This gives us a great relationship with the people we work with and adds a lot to the mountain bike holidays we offer. 

Each week we run two small groups, allowing us to offer different trips each day. In addition to that we carefully screen our guests to make sure tha the levels each week are as close as possible. Despite really high demand we choose to limit the number of people we guide each week to allow us to provide better holidays. Unfortunately this means we are normally fully booked and turn away some people each week, so if that is you then sorry!

We have been told repeatedly that we offer some of the best mountain bike holidays in the world. Don´t take our word for it though, have a search on the web, ask people or read our testimonials page. The feedback from our guests is hugely important to us all and something everyone in our team takes great pride in. Around 50% of our guests are repeat visitors, something else that we are hugely proud of.

We use our dedicated vans and trailers to offer uplift. This generally means up to 80% of the climbing done in the vans but we also offer the option of less uplift or of using the vans to do big backcountry point to points. The fact that the vans are dedicated to our groups and that we run with smaller groups means that we can really tailor the riding to how our groups feel in the morning. For the maximum flexibillity come with a group of 6 and we will give you your own van, guide and driver.

basqueMTB employs local guides which we think is important. Cheap guides are easy to come by many companies make use of people guiding for bed and board only, however we don´t feel that fits well with the basqueMTB philosophy. Local guides can explain the local culture, make sure that you get the best food and drinks and, very importantly for us, it means that basqueMTB is putting money directly into the local economy. All our team are from the local area.

Additionally we only use locally owned accommodation and local restaurants. It makes for a better holiday for you, ensuring you see the real culture, and it also gives back to the local area. Our guides are properly trained, both in guiding and in first aid, and we have properly thought out procedures for any emergencies that should arise.

basqueMTB respects the local trails, we are on very good terms with the local riders and they share new trails with us happily. When our guides aren´t guiding they are out cleaning and fixing local trails and over winter we can all be found doing this. Again, maybe this isn´t important for you but it is something very important to us and it means you get to ride the real “locals only” trails.

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Why not check out some of the comments on our “Testimonials Page” to get an idea about why you should choose basqueMTB.

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Established 2008, basqueMTB have been offering amazing mountain bike holidays across the Pyrenees, San Sebastian and Northern Spain. Dedicated shuttles, the most experienced guides and more than a decade of experience organising our award winning mountain bike holidays, come and visit us and see what all the fuss is about.

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