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Welcome to our “General” category page!
I don’t think many people find their way to these dusty corners of the basqueMTB website! Here you can find similar pages grouped together so you can easily find them. The “General” category covers things that don’t easily fit elsewhere, that relate to our holidays but in a more (you’ve guessed it) general way!

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Basque MTB Mountain Bike Tops Now Available

basqueMTB mountain bike tops are now for sale.

Basqueland Brewing Project – Beer Collaboration

basqueMTB team up with Basqueland Brewing Project to offer beer for our mountain bike holidays.

Travel: Taking the Train to the Basque Country

Travel: Taking the Train to the Basque Country When I returned to visit my parents this Christmas, with my mountain bike of course, I decided that I would take the train. The plan was to take travel from Hendaye to Paris, Paris to London and then hop onto the sleeper for the final leg to Inverness. Although the […]

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Established 2008, basqueMTB have been offering amazing mountain bike holidays across the Pyrenees, San Sebastian and Northern Spain. Dedicated shuttles, the most experienced guides and more than a decade of experience organising our award winning mountain bike holidays, come and visit us and see what all the fuss is about.

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