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Welcome to our “Mountain Bike Holiday Advice” category page! I don’t think many people find their way to these dusty corners of the basqueMTB website! Here you can find similar pages grouped together so you can easily find them. This category covers all the blogs that talk about the trails we ride, trails we have found or just random trail tales.

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High Pyrenees | Amazing Guest Content

This October we were lucky enough to have a couple of riders who wanted to record the trip in their own ways. Check out the photos and videos.

Epic High Pyrenees Mountain Bike Adventure

High Pyrenees mountain bike adventure with Orbea bikes. This will form a special mountain bike holiday high in the pyrenees mountains.

High Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday | Trail Scouting

We are currently searching for trails for our High Pyrenees mountain bike holidays, as well as new trails for our Backcountry Pyrenees. We had a few very eventful days in the Spanish Pyrenees this week and among the madness we found some trails for both trips!

Backcountry Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday: New Trails for 2015

We have been out exploring, searching out new trails for our Backcountry Pyrenees mountain bike holidays this year. Have a look at what we have found.

Scouting for Our 2015 Backcountry Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holidays

Some photos and stories from our trail finding expedition to the Pyrenees.

Holiday Rides | Mountain Biking in the Snow

Snowy mountain biking in Navarra. It´s not often in Spain that we get properly cold on a ride!

New Trail for Our Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday

A short video of one of the trails we ride on our Backcountry Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday.


Spring I love this time of year, there’s that expectant feeling in the air that we get with spring; a combination of the knowledge of sunny days to come and the combined sexual tension of the animal kingdom. Every sunny day seems to be the first footfall of summer, only for the next storm to […]

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