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This October we were lucky enough to have a couple of riders who wanted to record the trip in their own ways. We had Darren from The Trail Tracker who recorded his experience in a series of GoPro videos and we also had Gabriel who took loads of photos and wrote some great words about the trip. Thanks a lot guys, it was great to have you along as part of the trip with a fantastic group. Have a look below for the content and also for links so that you can see more from these guys. Enjoy!

High Pyrenees Holiday Videos

Darren visited us from the small but very well presented Youtube channel, Trail Tracker. Check out the links below, he is definitely worth a follow and some viewing time. Darren’s videos are a great insight into the holiday for the guides, we are often so busy with the guiding and logistics that we miss some of the fun which is happening up at the front of the groups! That week there was definitely some fun as we had some really good, fast riders who were pushing on at the front.

Here you have Darren’s videos of his High Pyrenees Holiday in order. I hope that you all enjoy.

And thanks a lot Darren! Really nicely done.

10 Reasons to Ride the Pyrenees

Day 1: Val d´Aran

Day 2: Benasque

Day 3: Big Day!

Day 4: Getting High!

Day 5: More Flow

Day 6: Finishing Off

And don’t forget to check out TRAIL TRACKER on Youtube! Give him some love and share about the videos, it’s really is well done.

High Pyrenees Article On The Radavist

High Pyrenees Article In The Radavist
Read about Gabriel´s experiences over on The Radavist

By coincidence the week that Darren was here we also had a lovely guy from the USA called Gabriel. Let’s tell the truth, when I saw him come down the first day in cut off jeans my heart dropped but he turns out to be a really, really talented rider and a fantastic influence on any group. It also turns out that Gabriel is a photographer and writer and he wrote a really cool article in The Radavist which you can read be following the link below. You should really give him a follow on Instagram too because his account has lovely photos but also lots of really thought provoking comment.

Read the Radavist Article here

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