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Trail Guide: The Coast

Basque Coast Mountain Bike Trail Guide

One of the most popular trails on our Basque Coast holiday. There are great options for van shuttles, amazing views and big descents. It is one of the guide favourites as well, especially finishing on the beach with a local IPA!

Distance 25+km
 TimeFull Day
 ClimbingFrom 200-600m depending on uplift.
 Descending2000 to 3000m, depending on uplift.

In Three Words: Sea. Views. Fun.

In More Words: Not so much a set route as an area with so many options that we can tailor the day to suit everyone. Beautiful riding by the sea on quiet paths which undulate along the coast all the way into San Sebastian. This route can be done with various uplift options, from minimal to almost around 90% uplift.

“there´s something truly special about the sun, the dust, the Atlantic breeze and the Basque pace of life. Trust me and try it for yourself”

MBR Magazine

The coastal range of mountains, or hills, which run beside the sea in this part of Spain offer the perfect place to mountain bike. We can offer trails here to suit everyone from the least to the most experienced mountain bikers.

This is a typical first day on our mountain bike holidays. The number of trails in this small area makes it perfect because we can adapt the route to suit everyone. We start the day with a 400m uplift followed by a short warm-up climb on singletrack and a long, flowy descent back to the van which is waiting for us below. The trails here are flowy with lovely corners and all the time we have a massive view over the coast of Spain. There are short sections which are technically difficult which we often offer some coaching on, particularly if this is the first day of everyone’s mountain bike holiday.

Arriving at the bottom of the hill the Basque MTB van will be waiting for you, ready to take us back up the hill, this time to around 550m. There are several options to descend back down and your guide will choose the one which is going to suit you best. Similarly, some groups would prefer to have a climb to work up an appetite for lunch, and this can easily be arranged as well. Either way the descent back down is on around 8km of world class singletrack which twists and turns and swoops all the way down to the restaurant where we will have lunch.

Following lunch there are lots of options, however what we recommend is to take a short boat trip across the bay to pick up more singletrack which will take us into San Sebastian. There is no uplift in the afternoon, just singletrack which climbs and descends along the Basque coast and eventually drops down right onto the beach in San Sebastian, a perfect place to end day 1 of your mountain bike holiday. We generally have a beer and some traditional Basque pintxos, (like Spanish Tapas but better!), before taking the train back to the van which will take everyone back to their accommodation in Hondarribia.

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