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Reviews > 2010 Season Kit Review: Charge Spoon Saddle

2010 Season Kit Review: Charge Spoon Saddle

SUMMARY: Great in every way.

Last Christmas I was given a Charge Spoon saddle in my stocking. I spend half my life in the saddle, running our mountain bike holidays, and I would normally spend a lot of time, (and money), choosing something nice, so to be honest, my expectations were fairly low for the £20 Spoon. How wrong could I be? With the Spoon, British company Charge have created a mountain bike saddle which destroys the competition, despite being several times cheaper. From the first ride the Spoon was comfortable and I’m happy to report that, despite putting in around 10,000 mountain biking kilometers this year, neither my bum or the saddle bear any scars from our time together. In fact, the saddle still seems to be in perfect condition! I can’t remember ever getting a year out of a saddle before, even when I used to ride my bike less, but the Spoon is going to sail well into next year.

The Spoon might not be as flashy as some other saddles, there are no flexible wings, titanium or carbon fiber. What there is, is a slight pressure relief channel, a reasonable amount of padding, a leather upper, a choice of colours and CroMo rails. Ti rails are available for an extra cost. Keeping it simple, in this case, has resulted in a fantastic, durable and affordable product. I am delighted with my 2010 stocking-filler and wish that every mountain bike product could offer such cheap, durable performance.

Of course everyone’s bum is different (not that I’ve checked) so, what is perfect for me might leave you walking like you’ve been to one of Barrymore’s pool parties. That goes for any saddle though, and with the Charge Spoon, at least you have only spent around £20!

+ Everything. Maybe the perfect mountain biking saddle.

– Nothing.

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