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Backcountry Pyrenees Mountain Biking Holidays: Spring 2015

“Absolutely fanbloodytanstic! Beyond superlatives :)”

George via Feedback Form

As always we ran our Pyrenees mountain biking holidays in April and May, this year we added new trails and refined the route again. We visited some new areas in the Pyrenees and we also dropped some old areas this year, listening to feedback from previous guests. All told we showed just under 40 mountain bikers around the Pyrenees this Spring, with around 50% of those repeat visitors. As always we had a mixture of nationalities from all around the world, with Australians, Americans, Brits, Finns, Spanish and Canadians joining us. What a privilege it is to show people from all around the world the amazing mountain biking in the Pyrenees, it is something that we never forget we are extremely lucky to be able to do, and call work!

“The riding was absolutely fantastic and love the epic feeling of being out in the wilderness on natural trails… When people ask how may holiday was my reply is that it was indescribably good :)”

Dan via Feedback Form

The feedback for our Pyrenees mountain biking holidays has again been phenomenal and we are already taking bookings for 2016 for these holidays and October 2015 is totally booked solid. We are considering running our Backcountry Pyrenes trip for the first week in November so if you are interested just get in touch. The new route has received big praise with people commenting on the higher quality of the trails and also the fact that we spent more time mountain biking and less time driving. Typical stats for the week were around 3000m of climbing, 13,500m of descending on singletrack and around 150km covered over the 6 days.

“Coming here for our 4th time I thought that we’d be some of longest running customers but we top trumped by the Turners on their 5th trip! That kind of repeat custom really speaks for itself! This isn’t just down to amazing riding, great guiding and fantastic food and accommodation but all the extra steps Doug and the guys take to make yours a holiday you won’t forget. Like hiding beer in the river at the end of a hot day for you to enjoy while your having a swim and top quality photos of the week.”

Jamie via Feedback Form

Backcountry Pyrenees Holidays: Spring vs Autumn

We have been asked a lot about the best time of the year to come, Spring or Autumn. The answer is that there isn´t a best time, it depends what you want. Spring can be a bit damper than Autumn, although this is a really dry part of the world so rain would be unusual. The days are longer in Spring, meaning we can ride later and it´s not unusual to be riding until the evening, helped by frequent uplifts. In Spring there is normally still snow on the high mountains, so in Autumn we take advantage of the fact that the snow hasn´t arrived yet and ride higher. It really depends what you are looking for, the two trips equally good but are quite different. Basically Autumn is normally warmer, shorter days and higher trails. In Spring it can be damper, (although rain is unusual), we have longer days and ride lower trails. Get in touch if you´d like more information on either trip.

Backcountry Pyrenees: Changes for 2015

This year we largely dropped our Spanish Utah trail. The trails are fantastic there and the area is amazing but I think it is testament to the quality of the rest of the trip that they were regularly reported as the least favourite day of the week. We have replaced them with an amazing day of uplift around another area with big red cliffs, Riglos. From Riglos we ride all the way to our 2nd nights accommodation, cutting out any transfers that day. The feedback on that day so far has been very good and some of those trails are repeatedly being reported as “trail of the week”.
We have made other changes to help keep things new and interesting for all our repeat visitors. We are doing different trails in Zona Zero, including some trails that have been cleared but not marked yet… we are very lucky to have the support of the local guys there who showed us these trails. We are also doing another day with a lot of uplift around the ski station of Formigal which has some amazing 1000m plus descents.

Backcountry Pyrenees: Plans for the Future

We will have more new trails for this October. We are taking the whole of August off to check out some new trails and also to prepare a totally new trip which we will announce later in the year. The plan for the Backcountry Trip is to offer two slightly different trips, one in Spring and one in October. The two seasons are good for different trails so we plan to take advantage of that and offer slightly different trails on each trip. Think of it as V2.0 and V2.1! Hopefully this will encourage repeat visitors to change the season of their holidays, see new trails and also experience the amazing Spanish Pyrenees mountain biking in different seasons.

“As the ad says ‘ If Carlsberg did mountain bike holidays’ … well they don’t but Doug does and probably the best mountain bike holiday in the world.”
Rod via TripAdvisor

That´s all folks! Thanks to everyone for visiting and for making it a really good fun start to the year, we couldn´t have done it without you. Well we could have but it would´t have been the same!

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