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New Mountain Bike Holiday | Basque Coast Safari

A New Mountain Bike Holiday: Basque Coast Safari

We have been running our Basque Coast mountain bike holiday for 10 years now. This year we have been working on a new trip, a mix of the Basque Coast and the Backcountry Pyrneees, a sort of Backcountry Basque. We are going to call it the Basque Coast Safari, as suggested by Nick Akroyd, (drop me a mail for your T-shirt prize!).

This trip uses the uplifted point to point style of the Pyrenees trips, but takes us on an adventure through the Basque Country. The aim is to use one or two big uplifts each day with the rest of the riding done on the bike, riding the best singletracks but with a bit more climbing that the Basque Coast trip. As always we don´t have an exact itinerary, we believe that the best holidays come with flexible itineraries, however we estimate around 700-1000m of climbing a day with 2000m of descending. Read on for some (few) details, plus a bunch of photos.

Basque Coast Safari: Holiday Logistics

We will stay in 5 different locations over the week´s holiday. Always biking into the next location and uplifting right from the hotel the next morning. We will include 3 or 4 (to be decided!) evening meals plus 6 days of riding. The last two days of riding will take us over the highest mountain on the coast right along the coast and into San Sebastian for a beer on the beach after an epic 6 days of riding.

Basque Coast Safari: Mountain biking

This trip uses less uplift than our other Basque Coast trip. The idea is to climb more on the bike and use that to get us into more remote places and some of the trails that our normal Basque Coast mountain bike holidays don´t reach. The trails are advanced, maybe a bit more than a normal trip but the focus is on the adventure aspect of the holiday, riding into the next village and enjoying the journey.

Basque Coast Safari: What´s Next?

We have run this trip once, in a shorter version. This year we will run the trip again, from the 14th to 21st September, with a known group of friends for a reduced price. If you are interested in a space please get in touch and I´ll give you all the details.

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