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Welcome to our “Route Guides” category page! I don’t think many people find their way to these dusty corners of the basqueMTB website! Here you can find similar pages grouped together so you can easily find them. This category covers all the blogs that try to share some of our mountain bike trails, routes or give an overview of holiday itineraries.

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Tour Of Aneto Itinerary

Our Tour of Aneto is a massive mountain bike adventure through the highest rideable trails in the Pyrenees.

Trans-Nomad Experience

The Trans-Nomad Experience is possibly the best mountain bike holiday in the Pyrenees for people who want to test their limits.

Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday: Itinerary

Ultimate Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday | Sample Itinerary We don´t really do itineraries for our mountain bike holidays, we try to keep them as flexible as possible so we can tailor them to the groups we have. The Ultimate Pyrenees tour does have an itinerary, however it is very high level for the Pyrenees so there […]

Ainsa Enduro: Itinerary

The trails we ride during our Ainsa Enduro mountain bike holiday.

Mountain Bike Route Guide: Technotrocity

New Basque MTB Video.
Technotrocity: Mountain Biking in the Basque Country.

Trail Guide: “The Rest Day”

Easy Route Guide | “The Rest Day” on the Backcountry Pyrenees

Trail Guide: The Thorn

Hard Route Guide | The Thorn or The 2-Country Traverse

Trail Guide: The Coast

Moderate Route Guide | Hondarribia to San Sebastian, a typical route

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