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Route Guides > Mountain Bike Route Guide: Technotrocity

Mountain Bike Route Guide: Technotrocity

Full Route 3-5 hours
 ClimbingFrom 200m.

Which Holiday: Basque Coast Mountain Bike Holiday.

In Three Words: Exposed. Rocky. Scary.

In More Words: Technotrocity lives up to its name, long and extremely hard with big exposure and enough technical sections to make sure that almost nobody will manage to pass them all without dabbing a foot.

After the big uplift, it starts off innocuously enough, winding through a wide green valley dotted with white limestone but soon enough it starts to show its teeth as the valley walls close in on either side. Soon we cling to the left side of the valley, negotiating extreme rocky slabs, steps and switchbacks with the valley floor a long way below us. Speeds rise and fall, as we negotiate slow speed technical sections and let off the brakes for the parts in between.

Chat soon turns to just how ferocious the trail we have just completed was. Nothing in the UK comes close to the severity, length and altitude loss
IMBike Magazine

The last section takes us down an old track that would have linked the lower villages to the upper valley, here the trail passes through the trees and is a jumble of always-damp limestone, the speeds are high but it’s really difficult to stay on your bike. Imagine riding a hard, sharp eel. That’s about right. Finally we drop out, after an 1100m descent, with over 11km of uninterrupted singletrack and always our nerves are totally shot. All that remains is a little roll down a concrete road to a bar where you have to force your hands out of The Claw so you can wrap them around a cold, calming, refreshing beer.

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