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Trails Connect Us. They connect us to friends, adventures and to the pub around the corner. They also connect us to ourselves, in that quiet space which we all know well when you are focussed on the ride ahead and can forget about all the noise of modern life. Trails also connect us to our history, they are the little traces left behind from old ways of life.

You are going to see the basqueMTB team sharing content about Trail Tales and taking part in videos and content. We wanted to explain what Trail Tales is and how we are involved.

Trail tales is a project which involves Orbea as well as some other brands such as Fox, Met and Raceface. Steel City Media are also involved as well as some riders from around the world such as Damien Oton and Geoff Gullevich. Trail Tales is about the trails, not the riders and it definitely isn’t about the bikes or gear. The idea is to tell stories, either about trails or about the people who are connected to them. Bikes will be involved because, well because we are riders first and foremost!

How are basqueMTB involved? It is a good question! We have been helping get the project going, helping with the first videos, scouting locations, riding in the videos and organising the other protagonists. We are helping write some of the stories on the Trail Tales website. Trail Tales isn’t just us though, we are just a part of it. We will be sharing content and hope to get you all as excited about this project as we are.

Check out Trail Tales here. There are a bunch of episodes up there. You will see the basqueMTB team in the latest episode, The Cowboy of Guara which I think is spectacular. Great work to the photographers and video guys.

The episodes come out on Youtube a couple of weeks after launch I think. By signing up to the Trail Tales website you get access to all the photos, which for this episode are by Ross Bell so they’re pretty special. You also get a story about the episode, which we wrote, so obviously that is worth it alone 😉

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