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Category Page | Photo and Video Posts

Welcome to our “Photo and Video” category page! I don’t think many people find their way to these dusty corners of the basqueMTB website! Here you can find similar pages grouped together so you can easily find them. This category covers all the blogs that we think are more about sharing nice photos or videos of our mountain bike holidays or adventures.

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Trail Tales | What is it All About?

Trails Connect Us. They connect us to friends, adventures and to the pub around the corner. They also connect us to ourselves, in that quiet space which we all know well when you are focussed on the ride ahead and can forget about all the noise of modern life. Trails also connect us to our […]

Favourite MTB Trails on the Basque Coast | Doug

We are taking a look at some of our favourite MTB Trails. Today it is El Cerro, which is definitely one of Doug´s favourtie MTB trails on the Basque Coast.

Tour of Aneto | Pyrenees Mountain Bike Adventure

Read all about our Pyrenees mountain bike adventure, riding and camping high in the pyrenees. We call this trip our Tour of Aneto, and it was a welcome tonic. Hard for the body is good for the soul!

Basque Coast Mountain Bike Escapes

Basque Coast Mountain Escape. Biking near San Sebastian with Sergio Layos and Iago Garay. A short holiday with shuttles by basqueMTB.

Winter Finally | Video

Video | Winter Finally | Mountain biking in the pyrenees after a busy mountain bike holiday season.

Plastic Adventure | Video

Plastic Adventure: Basque Coast Bike Tour with basqueMTB. Join us as we have a short credit card tour ending in San Sebastain.

Backcountry Pyrenees in Video

Great youtube videos from our Backcountry Pyrenees mountain bike holiday.

Basque Coast Orbea Video – “Welcome Home”

Shooting Video for Orbea on the Basque coast in Welcome Home. Riding the Orbea Occam on the Basque Coast

basqueMTB Photo Exhibition and Video

Mountain bike photos and video which basqueMTB exhibited in San Sebastian this month at the largest mountaineering club in Spain. Also included is the video we used to showcase the trail here and why we think that the area is so special.

Basque Mountain Biking at Sunset and Sunrise

Finding Magic In The Margins Of The Day: Mountain biking in the Basque Country at sunrise and sunset.

BasqueMTB: Ride, Eat, Drink, Relax, Repeat

BasqueMTB Mountain Bike Holiday: Ride, Eat, Drink, Relax, Repeat. A sample of our mountain bike holidays in video.

Backcountry Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday: Zona Zero

A video from our Backcountry Pyrenees mountain bike holiday.

Mountain Bike Holiday: Backcountry Pyrenees

Some of the trails we use in our Backcountry Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holidays.

Mountain Bike Trip to “Spanish Utah”

Basque MTB take a mountain bike holiday to Spanish Utah!

Latest Mountain Bike Video: “Rocky Hell Road”

Our latest mountain biking video. Let us know if you want to ride here on your mountain bike holiday with Basque MTB.

Photos from the 2011 Guiding Season

Some of my favourite photos from 2011.

The First Ever Mountain Bike Drone Video?

The first ever mountain bike drone video? A video of my Cove GSpot mountain bike racing a FPV plane down a ridge in Spain.

New Mountain Bike Video: The Crosses

I’ve been a bit slow getting this up on my site, we have been very busy running our Mountain Bike Holidays, it’s already been viewed over ten thousand times! It’s from a local mountain and is a big serious ride. This is from the very top section, which is definitely one of the toughest descents […]

BasqueMTB – The Coastal Video

Mountain Biking on the basque Coast. The best trails around San Sebastian.

2009 In Photos

2009 – In Photos 2009 has been a great year for biking but it’s also been a great year for taking photos! There’s something about the contrast of colours in this area of Spain, with the blue skies, turquoise seas and lush, green vegetation that means photos tend to turn out well. It’s a bit […]

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