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Winter Finally Mountain Bike Video
Video | Winter Finally | Mountain biking in the pyrenees after a busy mountain bike holiday season.

Winter Finally: Winter Mountain Biking In The Pyrenees

For some this means the end of those big days out on a bike, for us this is just the beginning.
We thrive when conditions start to get rough. Cold winds, freezing temperatures, dark clouds. This is when we feel truly alive. This is when we combine the 4 elements into the perfect riding season.Doug

When winter rolls around it is our time to mountain bike, explore new trails, build tracks and generally enjoy biking just for ourselves. The depth of winter is when we take a break from our mountain bike holidays and ride when we want, where we want. The weather can be bad but as long as you keep moving it is hard to get cold and the rewards are massive. This was the spirit that we wanted to capture for this video with Orbea and Shimano. The reality of filming is a bit different to just riding though!



Biking is a massive part of our life, it’s our passion but it’s also our job. So when winter comes we see an opportunities to finally ride for ourselves. To have fun. Free from all responsibilities.
Bad weather means freedom. We love riding in the rain, through puddles, soaking wet. Knowing that most other people are on the other side of the windows”Doug

I love riding in the rain. Wet slippy trails bring the limits to you and mean riding on the edge at speeds that most mortals can achieve. I love the idea that everyone else is inside looking out and I love having the mountains to myself. Good gear helps and a nice rain jacket and good waterproof shorts are a great addition. It´s also perfect trail building weather; a time when you know you won´t be disturbed and when the ground is at it´s most moldable. It is true that Igor and I really suffered this day. The stop and start nature of filming makes riding in the rain much more difficult and really lets the cold seep down the back of your neck and into your bones! As always though the suffering was part of the experience and the experience was worth the price. Winter mountain biking!



Cities are dangerous for me, I don’t belong there. I have to feel the earth below me. Feel it move, breathe, live. Making our own trail has been our favorite escape. Nothing can compare to the satisfaction of riding your trail. Sharing smiles and good times is what we live for.”Igor

What would mountain biking be without Earth? Winter mountain biking is all about new trails and some of those trails we need to create ourselves. If you haven´t done it then you should, find a space and get permission and craft something you want to ride. Make it sustainable, don´t make a mess and leave something behind for people to enjoy. Don´t put it on Strava and enjoy the pleasure of actually showing it to other people and watching them enjoying it for the first time. Nothing better!

The trails we are riding in the video are part of an initiative around Benasque to regenerate the old paths in the mountains with an eye to generating tourism. They call it Puro Pirineo and it´s somewhere we have been coming for as long as it has existed. The trails are fantastic but they are a lot of work and lots of people put a lot of energy into them and the political infrastructure that they need to grow.



When I was young I’ve always been bored of normal activities and sports. I needed more. My cousin took me riding downhill with him. This is what started a fire in me. I felt that need for speed.
Mtb gives you a lot of opportunities. It pushes you to get out of your comfort zone if you want to get better. I always want to get better, I want to feel alive on my bike. I want to push myself through rough conditions and look back on it, feeling like I’ve accomplished something epic.”Igor

Fire. I can´t tell you how good it was to ride into that refuge (like a bothy) and get warmed up by the fire. Even the feeble warmth of the candles, more psychological than physical, helped warm our cold bones. And then there was coffee and warm soup. The next morning the sun came out and the autumn colours were their own fire. Riding down through the autumn leaves was a joy after the long slog to the top of the hill through the dark and rain. With the sun out and warming our backs suddenly it wasn´t any hardship to stop and repeat for the cameras!



Biking is simple. Biking makes you free. I grew up in a tiny village in Scotland and bikes were my only way of getting around. I rediscovered my passion when my uncle passed away and left me his bike. I never stopped exploring since then.
Nature is peaceful, nature is good for my soul. That need for fresh air will never be satisfied.”Doug

The need to get out on the bike doesn´t disappear when the nights get shorter. It is like muscles, they only disappear when you don´t exercise them. I find that the more I get out the more I want to get out and winter mountain biking is all about keeping momentum, getting out a few times a week despite the weather. I´ve never regretted going for a ride and never wished that I´d stayed inside instead.


Get out and ride guys and girls!


Enjoy the photos below, they might take a second or two to load! Sroll left and right for more.

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  1. Hey Guys

    What a fanstastic video and pictures.
    I hope to come back once to your wonderful country for biking. My friends and I were part of your winter Enduro week last year, maybe Igor can remember the „Swiss team“ 😉
    Have a good time.

    cu soon

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