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> Backcountry Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday: New Trails for 2015

Backcountry Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holidays

Backcountry Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holiday: New Trails for 2015

At the moment we aren’t running mountain bike holidays. That doesn’t mean that we aren’t working flat out to ensure that our 2015 holidays are great! The off season is really busy, we are trying to stay in shape and take bookings but we are also out digging and exploring to make sure that the trail network keeps on expanding. Antonio has been searching for two specific days I want to include in the Backcountry Pyrenees mountain bike tours in 2015 and his searches lead us to a fantastic day out yesterday as he brought me up to speed on a new area for us. Antonio’s been busy and was really keen to show us these new trails and accommodation. Read on for more photos and a bit about the trails we have found. Read the post »

> Orbea Rallon: Suspension Settings for BOS Kirk Shock

Orbea Rallon BasqueMTB

Setting Up The BOS Suspension On My Orbea Rallon

Recently I have had a few emails asking how I set up my BOS suspension on the Orbea Rallon to get it right. As I talked about in the Orbea Rallon Review which I wrote it isn´t all that straight forward to set up but after experimenting and asking other people for advice I got it feeling really, really nice. To see how I set up the suspension then have a look below. Read the post »

> Zona Zero Enduro World Series | Special EWS Holiday

Pyrenees Mountain Bike Holidays - Zona Zero

Zona Zero EWS Enduro Mountain Bike Holiday with basqueMTB

This year the Enduro World Series is coming to Zona Zero. It’s going to be massive, or as Chris Ball, the director of the EWS said, “it’s going to blow people’s minds”! basqueMTB has been guiding in Zona Zero for years and we are one of the official guiding companies of the area, as well as being personal friends of the people who run the area. It just wouldn’t make sense for us not to offer a mountain bike holiday based around, and taking part, in the EWS enduro race itself. We have managed to secure the best accommodation in the area along with 8 entries into the race itself and access to uplifts through the week, something that is going to be very sought after. Ed Oxley from Great Rock skills training will also be on hand to offer advice and help you get up to speed on the unique terrain around that area.

To find out more have a look at the embedded document below. If you would like to take part then get in touch. We anticipate a high level of demand so we have decided to open it up to repeat visitors initially but if you haven’t been before then please get in touch and we will contact people on a first come first serve basis.

Dates are the 19th-28th of September and cost is €1500.
Read the post »

> End of Year Round Up at BasqueMTB

Basque Coast Mountain Bike Holidays - Coastal Lines
2014 Mountain Bike Holidays: Basque Coast and the Pyrenees

The year has passed so quickly and it’s hard to believe that it’s almost over. At basqueMTB we have had our busiest year ever. We say that every year, however this year has felt like an especially big step forward. It has also brought its own challenges, in particular we have had to turn away loads of people due to lack of space, which has been really sad. To all you guys we couldn’t fit in, we really apologize and hopefully we will get a chance to guide you again next year. To explain a little bit, we decided early in 2014 that we would only let ourselves grow a little bit so that we could make sure that we concentrated on the quality of our trips and I have to say that sitting here at the end of such a busy year it definitely feels that we made the right decision. It also feels, looking back, that despite having two full time guides and a part time driver/guide we had some weeks where we needed more support. To that end we will be making some changes for 2015 but more on that later, lets have a look at 2014 first. It’s quite a long story but I really wanted to get all the information to people. I have divided it into sections so you can skip to the sections which interest you! Read on for more Read the post »

> Orbea Rallon V4 Review

Dan Wildey Photography - Orbea Rallon
Orbea Rallon V4 Review

Photo by Daniel Wildey, view his twitter here

Rallon, pronounced more or less like Ra-y-on, is a Spanish slang for a baby wild boar. It is also a mountain near Bardenas National Park. I guess that the Orbea Rallon is named after the mountain, however I often like to believe it was named after the Wild Boarlets that you sometimes see snuffling furtively in the Basque forests as the sun goes down. Regardless of these random ponderings the Orbea Rallon is the fourth version with that name which Orbea has released and it represents a dramatic departure in design for the Basque cooperative. Orbea have a history of making top end road bikes and cross country mountain bikes, the Rallon V3, this bike’s predecessor, was a 150mm travel bike but it displayed its cross country routes very clearly and in my opinion was very compromised as a 150mm travel “all mountain” bike. The new Rallon however seems to stride out in the world unencumbered by compromise and shattering expectations with every roll of it’s 27.5″ wheels. Has Orbea pulled it off, have they really made a great enduro or all mountain bike? Read on to find out how I got on with the Orbea Rallon. Read the post »

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