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Reviews > 2010 Season Kit Review: Shimano AM40 Mountain Bike Shoes

SUMMARY: Perfect mountain biking shoes for flat pedals? I have been using two pairs of Shimano AM40’s for about a year now, through weather conditions ranging from the depths of Scottish winter to the heights of Spanish summer. I bought them after my 5:10 Impact boots gave up, after 6 months of daily use, and the uppers peeled away from the soles.  OK, so the styling of these shoes isn’t going to suit everyone, but it is their performance that they should be judged on. After all, if you’re looking at your feet when you’re riding then you’re doing it all wrong! First and most important for any mountain bike shoe is where it contacts the pedal, and Shimano have collaborated with Vibram to produce a specially sticky sole exclusively for their use. The sole grips really well on the pedal, indeed I didn’t feel any difference between them and the Five Ten stealth rubber; in other words, they are amazingly sticky! The soles wore well and they still look in pretty good condition after a year of riding although recently they have lost some of their superglue grip. The AM40s are light and comfortable to wear whilst still offering plenty of protection. I love the Velcro flap over the laces, it helps keep the foot dry, prevents the laces from working loose and provides extra protection against flying debris. The rest of the shoe is also quite padded and features a raised ankle protector; so far I haven’t felt any painful impacts so all good there. In the last 12 months I have been riding in temperatures from -15°C up to +35°C and, with a change of socks, I have found that the shoes performed as well as could be expected and are significantly faster to dry than my old 5:10’s. The AM40s come with an insert to make them stiffer but I haven’t used it. The standard insert feels perfect for me and I don’t feel any inclination to change it. If you are buying over the internet then it is worth bearing in mind that I have found the sizing to be slightly on the small side. I think that the AM40’s are fantastic, I honestly can’t find anything to complain about. So long as you’re not fussy about the styling of course! Compared to my old 5:10 Impacts I think that they perform just as well and look just as bad but have lasted a lot longer and will hopefully be good for another season. + Grip. + Longevity. + Design. – Look a bit like golf shoes.

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